Why Teach My Dog All Those Tricks?

There are many good reasons to teach your basic obedience cues. All training and learning has its place so even if you teach your dog to wait until a ball is thrown you may be preventing an accident by teaching them the skill of self-control. This means the day they make the decision to wait instead of jump on an old lady walking on the beach is your lucky day because you taught them self-control.


If your dog is sitting they cannot

  • 1. Jump on people
  • 2. Run away
  • 3. Pull on the lead
  • 4. Lunge at a passerby or another dog

Stay / Halt / Stop

Your dog cannot run out on the road or get into danger.

Watch Me

Your dog will be focused on you and not something that may cause him fear or stress.

This exercise is so easy to train and has so many uses.

If your dog is reactive when on the lead then this is a must and the first thing you need to train your dog. If you can ask your dog to ‘watch me’ with a high level of distraction then you can use this cue to get your dog to focus on you and not divert to his environment. Good management.

Leave It

A must when your dog is sharing their home with toddlers and babies. Nothing like a stinky nappy to attract a pooch’s nose! You should be able to verbally ask your dog to Leave It and your dog should be happy to comply. Why? Because every other time they heard the words leave it they never got that item plus they got a reward for moving away from the item. It is so much easier to be able to verbally control your dog rather than having to run after them and handle them especially when you have child in your arms.


Enables you to ask your dog to get off the couch or off a person if they have jumped to greet. Your dog should understand this again from a verbal or visual cue rather than you having to tug a lead or pull them by the collar.


The twirl trick is fun and most would think it has no bearing on obedience but the same brain activity is responsible for the learning that makes the twirl happen as well as the sit. You dog needs to listen to you to hear the ‘twirl’ cue, watch you for the reward and stay focused on you at all times. These are all by products of teaching a simple trick!

So no matter what the exercise it’s all worthwhile. So the next time you are wondering why you are teaching a certain exercise think of the bigger picture and the skills that you are developing in your dog.

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