Why Buy Premium Dog Food?

They are more nutritious:

This is simple. Premium dog food brands are designed especially for your dog's nutritional needs. The people at companies like Royal Canin realise that dogs are animals with their own distinct body type that is often very different to the human. As meat eating animals dogs need plenty of high quality proteins in their food and can react badly to certain forms of carbohydrates that would not harm humans.

 Poor quality super market dog foods are made from cheap protein sources, often recycled from sundry left overs. Whats more they contain lots of carbohydrate fillers such as grains that bulk up the feed but do not contribute to your dog’s needs and are passed as waste. What's more these fillers can put a strain on your dog's digestive system leading a variety of digestive malfunctions.

They are targeted:

Do you really think that a yorkie is the exact same as a german shepherd? Or that a new puppy has the same needs as an elderly dog? Of course you don't! So why would you feed all dogs as if they were the same when they obviously have different needs? A new puppy will need a very deliberate nutrient mix to foster growth and healthy development; an older dog will need something to boost his immune system; while a dog which is prone to skin irritants may need a hypoallergenic dog food. Cheap supermaket foods simply can't give you what your dog needs. So why feed him something that wont keep him at his best?

When it comes down to it, they aren't more expensive:

What price would you place on your dog's good health? How much do you think you will pay in vet bills? These are the types of money questions that dog owners may ask themselves. When it comes down to super premium dog food money isn't the deciding factor that some people think it might be. Because super premium food are designed specifically for what your dog needs you will use less dog food than you would with a cheap supermarket brand. Royal Canin or Purina Beta deliver precise nutrition so that your dog gets what he needs from smaller ammounts- remember there's no filler in this food. What's more your dog will be healthier if you feed him better cutting down on those dreaded vet bills.

So, its simple. If you want your dog to live healthier, happier and longer feed him a high quality dog food. Its not just the best dog food for him its the best for your pocket too!

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