Water quality is vital to the health of your aquarium. There are many chemicals present in tap water, most of which are designed to make drinking water more suitable for human consumption. However, not all of these chemicals should be present in your aquarium. They may affect the health of your aquarium and can cause problems for fish and the bacteria we want to promote the growth of, in filtration units.

Poor water quality can lead to infection on a wounded fish as well as put stress on fish, which is the root cause of fungus and parasite problems.

Fish owners should closely monitor and test their tank's water regularly to ensure fish live in the safest , most natural environment possible.

At Equipet we offer a Free water testing service in every pet shop. Simply bring a water sample into any Equipet store and a trained member of staff will test it for PH, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites while you wait. Our trained staff can advise on the best course of treatment for your tank based on the results of the test.

Water Care Schedule:

To help maintain a healthy environment for your fish, a water care schedule can be put in place. With minimal effort you can keep your aquarium in great condition by following this schedule.

Weekly Check:

  • Remove and replace 10% of the water with dechlorinated water.
  • Test water to ensure PH, Ammonia, Nitrate & Nitrite levels are normal
  • Remove any algae in your tank

Monthly Check:

  • Filter maintenance - replace carbon, rinse filter
  • Clean algae from aquarium
  • Remove and clean plastic plants and decorations
  • Prune live plants if necessary
  • Clean or replace stone to allow for more efficient filtration operation

At Equipet we stock an extensive range of water testing kits including refills that will test for everything such as, ammonia, pH, nitrites and nitrates which can help you create the best environment possible for your fish.

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