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Small animals deserve just as much love and attention as cats and dogs, and at Equipet we're ready to help yours have the best life! Small animals have very different dietary requirements to each other; while ferrets are specifically carnivores, chinchillas and guinea pigs are strictly vegetarian. It's very important to have the correct food for smaller pets, and we make sure to cover each and every diet. Rabbits, chinchillas, and guinea pigs should have a constant supply of hay for digestion, and ferrets and hamsters prefer pellets. Anything past the basic food and water is considered a treat, so be careful to only give them in moderation! Many small pets have teeth that never stop growing, and it can be difficult to get them shorter after a certain period of time. One simple solution is to give your pets toys and treats to chew! products like the Nibble Carrot Woodroll are excellent for this, the wooden exterior helping to wear down the teeth and the delicious carrot centre making it worthwhile. Don't forget other toys just to help ease boredom, you can place your hamster within a ball to have a run around or place your rabbit on a lead for a quick walk. Ultimately as long as they can enjoy themselves and get to sleep in a safe cage or hutch with lots of bedding, any small animal will be happy. Occasionally small pets can have issues with receiving all the nutrients they need, and that's where supplements come into play. Most supplements just need dropped into the water supply or can be fed directly as treats. Getting rid of fleas is also very easy, as is cleaning out your pets cage! Simply wipe down with flea wipes and you're good to go! Cleaning just requires a change of bedding and a quick clean with small animal friendly cleaning spray.
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