If you're looking for advice on what to feed your pet, our Pet Nutrition specialists are here to help. All of our staff members have had the latest training and are qualified to offer sound nutrition advice, whether you are looking to change the food you currently feed or a suitable feed for a new puppy or kitten.

We also stock super healthy foods such as Burns, Red Mill's Leader and Go Native, Royal Canin Cat and Dog, James Wellbeloved Grain and Grain Free, Acana, Orijen and many, many more! Combining excellent food with top class knowledge will ensure that you are always getting the best advice for whatever pet you have! Be it a dog, cat, horse, rabbit or snake! We're constantly keeping our eye on new foods and even old ones, just to make sure that you always get the most out of every kilo of food. We have created an in-house food rating system that will let you know the benefits, nutritional information, quality and ingredients of every food we stock. Keep an eye out for this on our website!

Staying in touch with the brands we stock has never been easier, allowing us to voice your concerns to our suppliers. Contrary to popular belief, they love hearing feedback, both good and bad so please tell us how you feel about the foods you are feeding your pets!

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