"Check that Chip" Microchip Scanning

It is estimated that over 100,000 dog microchips in Ireland are incorrectly registered, or not registered at all. It is the responsibility of every dog owner to check that their pet is microchipped and that the correct details are recorded. This is to make sure that their recorded details will allow the national database to reunite their pets and owners in the event of a separation. Owners also need to update details if they have moved house or changed their phone number, to enable an accurate and speedy reunification. One of the leading microchipping databases Fido.ie deal with about 200 queries relating to missing dogs every day.

How can you check you chip is registered correctly?

Equipet's "Check that Chip" service means that dog owners can bring their pet into any Equipet store and have their pet’s chip scanned for Free by one of our pet shop assistants. These details are then checked on the Fido.ie database, which is also part of the European Pet Network Database. If the details are incorrect or need to be updated, Fido will contact owners directly and the correct details can then be added to the national database. It only takes a few seconds to check that your pet’s chip is registered correctly and it could mean your pet could find his way home.

If your pet has not yet been microchipped, call into any of our pet shops and we can advise where you can get your pet chipped.

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