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Microchip scanning

Check that Chip" Microchip Scanning

It is estimated that over 100,000 dog microchips in Ireland are incorrectly registered, or not registered at all. It is the responsibility of every dog owner to check that their pet is microchipped and that the correct details are recorded. This is to make sure that their recorded details will allow the national database to reunite their pets and owners in the event of a separation. Owners also need to update details if they have moved house or changed their phone number, to enable an accurate and speedy reunification. One of the leading microchipping databases deal with about 200 queries relating to missing dogs every day.

How can you check you chip is registered correctly?

Equipet's "Check that Chip" service means that dog owners can bring their pet into any Equipet store and have their pet’s chip scanned for Free by one of our pet shop assistants. These details are then checked on the database, which is also part of the European Pet Network Database. If the details are incorrect or need to be updated, Fido will contact owners directly and the correct details can then be added to the national database. It only takes a few seconds to check that your pet’s chip is registered correctly and it could mean your pet could find his way home.

If your pet has not yet been microchipped, call into any of our pet shops and we can advise where you can get your pet chipped.


Equipet are delighted to offer a full in house Veterinary Surgery currently operating at our Coolock Store. Full range of services available including Health Checks, Emergency Services, Consultancy & pet Passports

Pet Nutrition Specialist

If you're looking for advice on what to feed your pet, our Pet Nutrition specialists are here to help. All of our staff members have had the latest training and are qualified to offer sound nutrition advice, whether you are looking to change the food you currently feed or a suitable feed for a new puppy or kitten.


Water Testing

Water quality is vital to the health of your aquarium. There are many chemicals present in tap water, most of which are designed to make drinking water more suitable for human consumption. However, not all of these chemicals should be present in your aquarium. They may affect the health of your aquarium and can cause problems for fish and the bacteria we want to promote the growth of, in filtration units.

Poor water quality can lead to infection on a wounded fish as well as put stress on fish, which is the root cause of fungus and parasite problems.

Fish owners should closely monitor and test their tank's water regularly to ensure fish live in the safest , most natural environment possible.

At Equipet we offer a Free water testing service in every pet shop. Simply bring a water sample into any Equipet store and a trained member of staff will test it for PH, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites while you wait. Our trained staff can advise on the best course of treatment for your tank based on the results of the test.

Water Care Schedule:

To help maintain a healthy environment for your fish, a water care schedule can be put in place. With minimal effort you can keep your aquarium in great condition by following this schedule.

Weekly Check:

Remove and replace 10% of the water with dechlorinated water.
Test water to ensure PH, Ammonia, Nitrate & Nitrite levels are normal
Remove any algae in your tank

Monthly Check:

Filter maintenance - replace carbon, rinse filter
Clean algae from aquarium
Remove and clean plastic plants and decorations
Prune live plants if necessary
Clean or replace stone to allow for more efficient filtration operation

At Equipet we stock an extensive range of water testing kits including refills that will test for everything such as, ammonia, pH, nitrites and nitrates which can help you create the best environment possible for your fish.


Perfect fit hat & body protector

Riding Hat & Body Protector Fitting

All riders, regardless of their skill level, should wear a riding helmet whenever they partake in equestrian activities. Please remember that an incorrectly fitting riding hat offers NO protection, so make sure to be correctly fitted by one of our highly trained staff.

When you participate in an equestrian sport, two of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can own are a properly fitted Riding Helmet and a properly fitted Body Protector.

Beta (British Equestrian Trade Association)

Riding Helmets

A properly fitted Riding Helmet helps to absorb any impact to the head and provides cushioning to the skull, reducing the risk of a serious head injury or even saving your life.

There are several different types of protective headgear for riding horses but they fall largely into two broader categories – Riding Helmets and Skull Caps.

Riding helmets are the traditional type of hard hat. They are sometimes covered in velvet or maybe plastic. They usually come in dark colours.

Skull caps are like the type of headgear which jockeys wear. They can be personalised with coloured silks – peaked covers in bright colours which fit over the cap.

How Riding Helmets work: On impact the helmet does two things. Firstly the shell diffuses the impact over a large area, secondly the liner reduces bruising to the brain by increasing the length of time it takes you to stop. Basically the hat liner collapses, protecting your head.

It is best to refrain from ever buying a second hand hat, as you do not know what has happened to it before. Any hat that has been involved in an impact, even one so little as having been dropped onto a hard surface, should be replaced. This is because even small hair line cracks, which can be caused by slight impacts, can reduce the effectiveness of the hat.

At Equipet we only supply riding hats & helmets that are up to the most recent PAS and BSEN standards and are BSI KITEMARK tested.

Body Protectors

Body Protectors are designed to offer protection when falling from, being kicked by or stood on by a horse. They protect more than just the back, they look after the whole upper torso. Most people assume body protectors are for cross-country horse riding, but realistically they should be worn whenever riding or handling horses. So whatever level you are riding at, a body protector is an important addition to your equipment.

How do they protect: The foam in the modern body protector is designed to absorb large amounts of energy thereby reducing the amount of impact energy transmitted through to the rider’s organs.

There are three levels of protection in the BETA 2000 standard for body protectors. At Equipet we always recommend Level 3 standard (purple label) as this offers a high level of protection and is suitable for all normal activities, competitions and high risk situations.


You should always buy your Riding Hat and Body Protector from somewhere with trained fitters. At Equipet, our staff have been BETA trained to fit both riding hats and body protectors. They will help make sure you buy the best hat or body protector and that they fit correctly giving you the best possible protection.

Call into an Equipet store and a qualified member of staff can fit you for a riding hat or body protector.

BETA is regarded by retailers as the primary source of training for those involved in the equestrian industry.


The fit pet club

Our Pet Fit Club has been set up to help owners understand the importance of maintaining your pets ideal weight. We provide a free in store weighing service and advice on nutrition and exercise for all breeds of dogs and cats at every life stage

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