Horse Wormers

Horse wormers are vital to the upkeep of any stallion, mare, or foal. Over any twelve month period you may find yourself treating your horse for a variety of issues, from Redworms and Bots to Tapeworms. These occur during different stages of the year, and if left untreated can cause severe weight loss, Colic, and in the worst cases death. Large Redworms have the potential to travel as far as a horse's arteries, and 80% of Impaction Colic can be linked to Tapeworms. Luckily, we're here to help you find the right wormers for your horse!

Ivermectin is a common ingredient in a lot of horse wormers, and for good reason. This solution helps get rid of Bots and Redworms, both large and small.Eqvalan Horse Wormer can help with this issue. Redworms can become more comfortable the harder a horse's immune system works, becoming encysted within the lining of the intestine. The best way to remove encysted Redworms is through a product containing Moxidectin. One such product is Equest Pramox. One of the largest sources of colic in horses, Tapeworms are best treated with Praziquantel, which can be found in Equimax Horse Wormer. A combination treatment to destroy Redworms and Tapeworms is to blend Ivermectin and Praziquantel, which can be found in Eqvalan Duo.

Remember to accurately weigh your horse as close as possible to treatment so you can dose correctly. Many of the horse wormers listed above display markings along the syringe to show how much product to give per weight bracket. Remember to read the instructions carefully as they may vary, and make sure your horse swallows the dose fully.

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