Horse Rugs

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  1. Weatherbeeta Black Stretch Hood with Zip

    Special Price €46.75 Regular Price €55.00
  2. Saxon Element Net Cooler Standard Neck Navy

    Special Price €23.80 Regular Price €28.00
  3. Horsware Rhino Heavy Wug with Varilayer

    Special Price €205.66 Regular Price €241.95
  4. Horseware Rhino Pony All in One

    Special Price €168.26 Regular Price €197.95
  5. Horseware Rambo Original Turnout 200g Reflective

    Special Price €266.01 Regular Price €312.95
  6. Horseware Rambo Supreme Turnout 200g

    Special Price €334.01 Regular Price €392.95
  7. Horseware Rambo Stable Rug

    Special Price €141.06 Regular Price €165.95
  8. Horseware Rambo Cosy Stable Rug

    Special Price €155.51 Regular Price €182.95
  9. Horseware Amigo Insulator 550g Plus

    Special Price €127.46 Regular Price €149.95
  10. Horseware Rambo Cosy Stable Rug 400g Navy/Beige

    Special Price €128.31 Regular Price €150.95
  11. Horseware Rambo Stable Rug 400g Navy/Navy

    Special Price €141.02 Regular Price €165.90
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Horse Rugs from Horseware, Weatherbeeta and Mackey. Equipet stock one of the best ranges of horse rugs in Ireland, with a rug to suit every size horse. Our selection of horse rugs for sale are available in lightweight, medium and heavy weight to meet the needs of your horse at different times of year. During colder months a turnout rug is preferable, helping to keep rain and snow off the horse while it's outside. A similar rug to this is the stable rug, probably the most recognisable of all rugs. Created to retain heat during cold weather, these can vary in size and weight but each have the single goal of making sure your horse stays snug. These are especially useful if your horse isn't able to get out and exercise for a period of time, which would help it generate heat by itself.

Don't think that warmer weather means a rug free existence! Summer months can still create issues for horses, such as insect bites. Mesh rugs are available to help reduce the amount of midge or other bug bites your horse endures during warmer seasons, stopping irritation. Humans don't like bug bites, so imagine how annoying they are when you can't scratch them! Equally, there are sheets for sunny days. The help reduce the amount of UV rays a horse receives, and can also keep your horse cool and clean while riding in dusty areas. This is mostly important to horses who have patches of lighter hair, who will get sunburned easier than darker haired ones.

Finally, there are cooler rugs. These are known by most casual horse racing fans, as they are placed over the horses after races to regulate their temperature and keep them from having dramatic heat changes. They are made from breathable materials and help remove sweat from the horse to the rug, which makes the cool down period less drastic. Cooler rugs are similar to exercise clothing we might wear.

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