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  1. Beco Bamboo Cat Litter Scoop Pink

    Special Price €2.50 Regular Price €5.00
  2. Beco Bamboo Cat Litter Tray Pink

    Special Price €12.00 Regular Price €24.00
  3. Trixie Compostable Poop Bags 2 Rolls of 10

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €9.99
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While it is our job to care about the well-being of all pets, it is equally important to care for the environment in which they live. This means taking special precautions to reduce waste, conserve paper and recycle as much material as we can. To this end, we have begun stocking a range of eco-friendly products that are made using renewable sources such as bamboo and recycled plastics.

This range of eco-friendly products are environmentally focused and put emphasis on caring for the world around us. However, just because they are made from recycled materials does not mean that there is a loss in quality. In many cases, our range of recycled products will last far longer than traditional alternatives and are perfectly safe for your pet to interact with.

Our eco-friendly product range includes bowls, toys, litter scoops, litter trays and plushy friends that your pet will love to use. We even stock bio-degradable dog waste bags that will decompose naturally when disposed of correctly.

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