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  1. Pedigree Puppy Dog Food Pouch in Jelly Variety (12 x 100g)

    Special Price €5.60 Regular Price €7.00
  2. Pedigree Adult Dog Food Cans in Jelly (12 x 385g)

    Special Price €12.80 Regular Price €16.00
  3. Puppy VITAL PROTECTION Chicken and Rice 10kg

    Special Price €25.60 Regular Price €32.00
  4. Pedigree Puppy VITAL PROTECTION Chicken and Rice 2.2kg

    Special Price €7.19 Regular Price €8.99
  5. Pedigree Vital Protection Adult Dog Food With Beef 2.6kg

    Special Price €7.19 Regular Price €8.99
  6. Pedigree Vital Protection Adult Dog Food With Chicken 2.6kg

    Special Price €7.19 Regular Price €8.99
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Pedigree is one of the countries favourite dog food brands, and for good reason! This complete nutrition pet food is easy to digest and enjoyed by dogs of all ages and sizes! Great food should not cost an arm and a leg, and with it’s affordable ranged Pedigree helps keep pets happy throughout their lives. With a blend of expertly chosen ingredients and decades of nutritional research, this longtime family staple has cemented its place within the world as food that makes dogs feel good.

Thanks to their pet nutrition centre, the Waltham Centre, Pedigree are uniquely equipped to research dietary requirements and find solutions to coat and coat, dental health, and immune health issues. With 50 years of industry leading food science they’ve pushed themselves to constantly create and improve upon their recipes, leading to bigger and better improvements for pets across the globe! This research has helped us understand our pets and their needs much better than in the past.

Between some of their more popular products, such as Dentastix or Markies Dog Biscuits, there’s a wide array of both wet and dry dog food ready for any dog. Their Puppy range aims at supporting the nutritional needs of our baby buds, who require a highly calorific diet to grow as quickly as they do! Another aspect of puppy food is that it contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins designed to assist in joint and muscle growth. Adult dogs require nearly half the calories per day as a puppy, but other vitamins to support healthy gums and immune system. While dental treats help remove plaque and other buildup from your pets teeth, overall they don’t support a full and complete diet by themselves! It’s best to use these items in conjunction with other more balanced foods, and keep treats to a minimum across the week.

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