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At Equipet, we stock the highest quality dog foods from the best manufacturers. These foods are available in both dry dog food and wet dog food forms. Many people have debated which is the best one to feed, with both wet and dry food having certain benefits. More than anything, your dog will have its own preference! If you plan on swapping between dog foods make sure to phase out the old and blend it with the new.

Dry dog food is a convenient and economical option, that can be stored easily for long periods in food bins or in their resealable packs. Dry food comes in the form of a kibble, sometimes referred to as dog nuts. The kibble or nuts can take various shapes and sizes. Dry feeds that are specific to smaller breeds and pups would be much smaller than a kibble designed to suit the mouths and eating ability of larger breed or adult dogs. Pack sizes range from a convenient 1kg right up to cost-effective 15kg bulk size packs, which can reduce daily food costs and are great for homes with multiple pets to feed.

Our wet food range comes in a variety of pack types, such as pouches, tubs and tins. These are all air tight containers and allow for the food to contain more moisture, use less preservatives and prevent the food from spoiling. A key benefit of wet food is that it tends to have similar nutrients to dry food, but with fewer carbohydrates. This makes it ideal for dogs who are overweight. Wet food also lends itself well to dogs with sensitive stomachs.

To make things easier, when you buy dog food online, we offer free delivery across Ireland on most large bags. Keep an eye out for huge savings on selected packs in our monthly offers.

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