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  1. Animology Puppy Fresh Spray 250ml

    Special Price €7.20 Regular Price €9.00
  2. Puppy Training Pads 30 Pack

    Special Price €14.40 Regular Price €18.00
  3. Puppy Training Pads 56 Pack

    Special Price €25.00 Regular Price €30.00
  4. Trixie Galvanised Puppy Run 61x91cm

    Special Price €54.50 Regular Price €109.00
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Puppies can be the best of times, and the worst of times. All baby animals are absolutely adorable, but there's something especially enticing surrounding these tiny dogs. While being the cutest things alive, however, they're also excellent at peeing all over the floor and chewing furniture. This is where we come in. Equipet is dedicated to making your puppy training experience as smooth as possible, with minimal messes and continuous cuddles.

Training your dog can be a tough task. Training pads are ideal for pups who have to spend a few hours by themselves, as they'll absorb messes and leave your floors much cleaner. It can be hard to teach your dog how to go outside, but with routine and the aid of toilet training pads there's no need to stress. Getting the correct pet food can be an equally daunting task as dogs shouldn't alternate between brands too regularly, but puppies need a much higher calorific content in their puppy food to help them grow. They also deserve special treats! These can be used as a training aid or just for good pets in general.

Puppy toys are specially made for materials that can help relieve teething pains. They're softer than regular dog chew toys, but no less durable. Alongside releasing gum pain they also assist in removing tartar buildup and plaque, an essential for any dog. Many owners discover that their pets suffer from gum disease by year 3, and prevention is the best method of defence. Rather than spending money at the vet years down the line, good dog toys will limit the damage on your dog's teeth early on.

Leads and collars are very important for helping to teach your puppy how to interact with other people and pets while out on walks, and for getting them accustomed to your home. A young puppy will struggle to come when called and adult dog sized collars will be far too large for the majority of pups. Having a suitable collar and lead is a vital purchase prior to bringing your dog home. We have a responsibility as dog and puppy owners to help them learn how to behave in public.

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