Dog Treats

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Dog treats are an important part of any dog's diet and can be given to supplement a balanced diet. Dog treats can also be given as rewards for your dog reaching goals, milestones and accomplishing training instructions. Some dog treats can even aid the production of vitamins and minerals that will help your dog grow a shiny coat, improve their gut health and remove plaque and tartar from their teeth.

Dog treats can come in many different shapes and sizes, with the most popular often being biscuits and chews that are suitable for most dog breeds, life-stages and sizes. We also stock dog treats suitable for large breed dogs such as animal bones, animal based chews and natural dental treats. Extra small dogs haven't been forgotten either and there are many different treats and chews suitable for them too.

With one of Ireland's largest range of treats, we have something for every dog no matter their temperament or taste. Some of the dog treats we stock are suitable for dog's with sensitive tummies, skin allergies and health conditions. Many are also grain-free; ideal for owners that are conscious of their dog's carbohydrate intake.

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