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  1. Tennis Balls 6cm

    Special Price €1.50 Regular Price €3.00
  2. Nerf Deluxe Air Strike Mini Ball Launcher

    Special Price €7.00 Regular Price €14.00
  3. 2 Knot Colour Rope Dog Toy 40cm Super

    Special Price €3.00 Regular Price €5.99
  4. Nerf Trackshot Launcher Duck

    Special Price €8.50 Regular Price €17.00
  5. Nylabone Durachew Bacon Souper

    Special Price €10.50 Regular Price €21.00
  6. Nylabone Durachew Chicken Flavour Regular

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00
  7. Nylabone Durachew Original X-Small

    Special Price €4.00 Regular Price €8.00
  8. Nylabone Durachew Original Medium

    Special Price €6.50 Regular Price €13.00
  9. Trixie Ball Catapult with Foam Grip 45cm

    Special Price €3.00 Regular Price €5.99
  10. Trixie 40 hedgehog balls, vinyl

    Special Price €0.50 Regular Price €1.00
  11. Trixie 100 plush balls with bell/feather

    Special Price €0.63 Regular Price €1.25
  12. Trixie 48 rattle candys

    Special Price €1.00 Regular Price €2.00
  13. TRIXIE Play Rope with Wood for Small Animals, 20cm

    Special Price €1.00 Regular Price €1.99
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Dog toys are a great gift for your dog! They do a large number of things, from helping train your dog to distracting him while you cook dinner. There's a wide variety of types, with one for every kind of dog. Is he a chewer? He'll appreciate something with thicker rubber. Does your dog get bored quite frequently? Then a toy that makes noises is the one for him. We stock every type here at Equipet, Ireland's favourite online pet shop.

Chewing rubber or latex dog toys can contribute to a dog's overall dental hygiene. Another benefit of toys for dogs is the exercise that they can get from playing and chasing them. You can buy dog toys online that have been designed to provide stimulation for a dog's mind, which helps reduce the risk problem behaviours that can arise as a result of boredom. A KONG toy filled with a treat or treat paste, for example, can keep a dog occupied for a long period where the owner may not have the time to provide the stimulation needed. When you're busy, make sure they're busy too.

While dogs may be drawn to some toys, many owners find it a struggle to get them to engage with others. What you might think to be the perfect toy could be found forgotten behind the sofa a few hours later. This ties in with reducing boredom, and the best way to make a toy fun for a dog is to play with them. Playing tug of war or fetch with a toy can show a dog how interesting it is, and highlight features they may have missed like satisfying textures or a squeak!

Puppies and young dogs can benefit from dog toys that they can chew on, as this chewing action helps relieve gums that have become sore from teething. There are several types of toys that are ideal for pain relief, starting with the famous KONG brand. These toys can hold treats and are almost indestructible, as well as having special puppy variants created to help sore pup gums. Equally, any tough nylon toy will be great at withstanding puppy teeth.

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