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  1. Vixen Multi-Functional Supplement - Vegan

    Special Price €2.00 Regular Price €6.50
  2. Adaptil Spray 60ml

    Special Price €19.50 Regular Price €39.00
  3. Ancol Lavender Shampoo 200ml

    Special Price €3.50 Regular Price €7.00
  4. Beaphar Lactol Replacer For Puppys 250g

    Special Price €6.00 Regular Price €12.00
  5. Beaphar Calcium Tablets

    Special Price €6.00 Regular Price €12.00
  6. Beaphar Ear Cleaner

    Special Price €5.50 Regular Price €11.00
  7. Dentifresh Dog Toothpaste 45g

    Special Price €3.50 Regular Price €7.00
  8. Homeopet Anxiety TFLN 15ml

    Special Price €8.00 Regular Price €16.00
  9. Homeopet Anxiety Relief 15ml

    Special Price €8.00 Regular Price €16.00
  10. Johnsons Veterinary Sweet Breath Tablets

    Special Price €3.00 Regular Price €6.00
  11. Johnsons Veterinary Extra guard Household Flea Spray 400ml

    Special Price €7.00 Regular Price €14.00
  12. Johnsons Veterinary Stain & Odour Remover

    Special Price €4.00 Regular Price €8.00
  13. M&C VetIQ Stool Firm 45 Tablets

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00
  14. M&C VetIQ Kalsium Plus 60 Tablets

    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €15.00
  15. M&C VetIQ Defurr-Um Paste 70g

    Special Price €4.50 Regular Price €9.00
  16. Pet Remedy Refill Pack

    Special Price €13.75 Regular Price €27.50
  17. Tickless Pet Ultrasonic Tick and Mite Repellent Black

    Special Price €14.00 Regular Price €28.00
  18. Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog 42 Pack

    Special Price €15.04 Regular Price €23.50
  19. Go Native Dog Dental Sticks Pumpkin and Broccoli 150g

    Special Price €5.20 Regular Price €6.50
  20. Cheeko Spring Loaded Pooper Scooper

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00
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Whether you own large dogs or small puppies, dog health is something that will pop up continuously during your life as a pet owner. Whether it is regarding worming tablets, teeth brushing, hurting dog paws, or even cleaning your dog, Equipet has your back for everything you'll face as a dog owner.

Dog worming tablets are the most readily available form of dog wormer, and the majority treat roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and even whipworms. Though not the most delicious treat your friend will ever eat, many tablets prevent worms from appearing for a number of months and help avoid the discomfort that comes with being ill. A single dose wormer will mean minimal disturbance to your dog's diet and less stress for you. Simply remember to dose your pet four times throughout the year to maintain constant protection.

For painful joints or skin irritations, supplements can be a speedy solution. Similar to humans, ingesting a dog supplement daily for a period of time can help lessen health problems such as digestive issues, cracked skin, or even dog anxiety. The last thing any pet parent wants is an upset pet while travelling or during Halloween! Many supplements can be easily added to water bowls or mixed in with wet food to disguise it, making consumption a lot faster.

We've all seen the ads on television where a smelly dog destroys a clean house, and, unfortunately, this isn't just a cliche for selling cleaning products. A dirty dog can cover an entire household in grime and bad smells, which is where dog hygiene comes in. With a wide range of dog deodorizing sprays, your pet will be smelling phenomenal within no time! Is your dog a bad bather? No fear! Dry shampoo revolutionised the world for humans everywhere, and now it's come to help pets too. Simply spray, no rinsing needed, and you'll extend the time between. From wet wipes for cleaning the delicate folds on a french bulldog to ear cleaner liquid drops, your pup will be looking as great as they feel.

The biggest struggle for a pet owner is when dog flea season comes back around. Flea infestations can be stopped with flea collars and flea products, but keeping an eye out for them is the primary step. The life-cycle of a typical flea can be as few as three days, but average between three and six weeks. In this time, flea treatments can be used both on your dog and your household, as they can fall into carpets and curtains. Check for fleas in dark spaces your pet might frequent, and prevent fleas from returning with a regular inspection of your household after your dog has been cleared. They regularly turn up around warmer months as they prefer a humid and warm environment to grow in. However, this doesn't exclude colder months from spawning adult fleas! The best offense is a good defense; keeping flea shampoos and flea collars around your household alongside an extra level of general hygiene will assist in limiting these events from reoccurring.

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