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For dog grooming supplies and dog grooming equipment, look no further. Equipet stock one of the largest ranges of dog grooming supplies in Ireland. Available online at great prices from all the grooming brands you love!

While a non-shedding dog isn't exactly rare, finding dog hair all over everything is a lot more common. Almost every owner has found dog hair in places they didn't expect it, like in a sock drawer or that freshly served dinner! Hair can be a real annoyance for a lot of people, and one easy way to cut down on shedding is to regularly brush your dog. Brushing helps remove damaged or broken hair, and in brushing it off rather than letting it fall naturally you can control where the hair ends up. Another benefit to brushing is how soft it will make your dogs hair.

Speaking of soft hair, dogs shampoos have become massively popular. Dog shampoos can be used to help moisturise dog fur and give it an additional shine. You shouldn't be the only one with luscious locks! Dog shampoos and conditioners are milder than human variants, as dogs skin has a lower pH level than humans. This is the main reason you should always use animal specific shampoo when it comes to your pup (though you can safely use theirs if you ever run out).

If you consider yourself talented with a pair of scissors or clippers, we also stock those dog grooming products. If your dog's nails are getting longer than a stretch on a summer evening, it's time to bust out the nail clippers. Easy to use and quick to work, these are a simple solution. Equally, you can thin or trim your pup's hair with a handy pair of scissors!

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