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  1. Canny Collar Black Size 3

    Special Price €16.00 Regular Price €32.00
  2. Canny Collar Black Size 4

    Special Price €16.00 Regular Price €32.00
  3. Canny Collar Black Size 5

    Special Price €16.00 Regular Price €32.00
  4. Dog Pick Up Bag Dispenser Incl. 15 Bags M

    Special Price €1.75 Regular Price €3.49
  5. Bio-Dog Dog Waste Bags

    Special Price €3.00 Regular Price €6.00
  6. Dog Pick Up Dog Dirt Bags Biodegradable M 4 Rolls

    Special Price €2.00 Regular Price €3.99
  7. Dog Pick Up Dog Dirt Bags Medium 4 Rolls Of 20 Pcs Sort

    Special Price €1.50 Regular Price €2.99
  8. Trixie Compostable Poop Bags 2 Rolls of 10

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €9.99

    Special Price €2.25 Regular Price €4.50
  10. Cheeko Spring Loaded Pooper Scooper

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00
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As fun as it may be running around free, many local by-laws now require that dogs be kept on a lead in public spaces. This doesn't have to be boring, however, as there are a wide variety available here at Equipet! From dangling chains to delicate floral prints, bold tartan and brilliant hands-free. Even extendable leads that seem to go on for miles and miles!

Collars come in many sizes and patterns. Predominantly being the primary purchase upon deciding to get a pet, they cater to everyone and everytail! A puppy collar will be smaller to fit a tiny neck, there are handsome bowties for fancy occasions, and some owners may choose to use a training collar to help assist them in training. Collars get some stick for dogs with respiratory problems, as an over excited dog may pull against his collar and hurt their throat in the process. For day-to-day life, a collar is the perfect place for hanging a dog tag. A good tag (ideally with your phone number and your own name) is a necessary precaution should anyone decide to go on a solo adventure and get lost.

A dog harness is slightly different, though they do also come in many shades and colours. The shape of the harness helps keep the throat area free, and distributes pressure around a dog's body much more evenly. They come in front and back attaching styles; front suiting larger dogs and back suiting smaller. A puppy harness is a great way to train a new friend how to walk around with less potential for choking, as you have more control overall. An adjustable dog car harness is an option for people who travel around with their furry friends and they keep a dog in place on a seat with the freedom to move.

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