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Dog Clothes can serve many functions. Equipet stock clothes that can be used to to keep dogs warm in the cold, dry in the rain, visible in the dark and glam in the park. Stocking one of the best dog clothing ranges in Ireland and specialising in clothes for small dogs and large dogs alike, there is an option that meets the needs of every dog. While many people associate dog clothing with fashion or celebrity Instagram accounts, they can actually be very helpful for every day pups!

Ireland is not exactly a warm country, especially over Winter months. Some dogs are fine with this, such as huskies who are covered in thick fur, but smaller dogs with one small layer of fur will have a harder time getting by. The general rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't leave the house without your Winter coat on, your dog shouldn't either!

Night time can be dangerous for pups if they're off their leads. The lack of light can make it harder for drivers in cars or motorbikes to see your dog, and ultimately may cause accidents. A reflective dog coat can help immensely during walks at night. A lesser problem is neutral toned dogs out in the forest. A St. Bernard will always be easy to spot, but a Terrier could use a bright colour to stand out in a sea of grass and trees.

Another typical feature of Irish weather is rain. A raincoat for your dog can limit those post-walk baths, again especially for smaller dogs who are closer to the ground. Dog clothes tend to work like harnesses, so they pull up all that tummy hair that would otherwise become covered in mud or dirty rain water. Time to say goodbye to that wet dog smell!

Ticks and fleas are an unfortunate part of a dog's life, but there are ways to keep them out of your house. A dog coat can create a barrier between your dog and the insects or carriers that can harm it, and limit how often these irritants get into your home. Simply remove the coat after arriving back home and check it for any bugs.

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