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Dog Beds offer a comfortable resting place for your pet. Equipet stock one of the largest ranges of dog beds for sale in Ireland. We stock beds that are suitable of every size and breed of dog. A dog bed can come in a variety of colours and designs and will surely meet your furry friend's relaxation needs.

While a dog can do without a bed, they share many similarities with humans on this point. Having a good bed will extend your life and make it noticeably more comfortable, and the same is true for dogs. However, most humans spend their days sedentary unlike dogs who run as much as possible. We tend to have joint problems later in life but dogs have these issues much earlier, and they are only made worse by sleeping on floors or bad beds. Ultimately, a bed isn't necessary, but if you want to give your dog a comfortable, longer life then it is a purchase to consider.

Here at Equipet we stock a large variety of beds, ranging from loungers, to plastic beds, to duvets! A plastic bed is good as the base of your dog bed with a blanket or pillow on top. These are great for dogs who shed a lot or puppies who aren't fully potty trained, as you can remove the contents and wipe down the plastic quickly. Cushions tend to be less like human cushions and more sturdy. They're generally quite square and are great for dogs who are powerful chewers. Duvet style beds are cosy and flexible, ideal for those who enjoy a good snuggle at night. Duvet style beds are very soft, and help to keep your dog warm during the colder months of the year.

The correct size of bed for your dog can easily be determined by simply measuring your dog from tail to nose and adding a few centimetres to accommodate pets that like to stretch out when they relax. The extra few centimetres can be less important for pets who prefer a more snug and cradled type sleep. The nose to tail measurement with or without wriggle room should provide the ideal bed width.

The next consideration when choosing the perfect pet bed is the type of mattress that your dog needs. Larger, heavier dogs are likely to require a thicker cushion that will not flatten easily and lose the comfort it held when new. Our memory foam beds are particularly suited to these larger, older dogs as well as dogs with arthritis.

As your dog is going to be spending a lot of time on his bed, it is natural for some odours and dirt to transfer across to the fabric or cushion of the bed. Having a bed or bed cover with removable cushions that are machine washable can be a convenience and could be a deciding factor when choosing your pet's bed. In the case of waterproof dog beds, the material can have any dirt brushed off and be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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