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  1. Vixen Multi-Functional Supplement - Vegan

    Special Price €2.00 Regular Price €6.50
  2. Vixen Multi-Functional Supplement - Chicken

    Special Price €2.00 Regular Price €6.50
  3. Kurgo Tailgate Dumpster

    Special Price €10.00 Regular Price €20.00
  4. Kurgo Co-Pilot Bucket Seat Cover Black

    Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €40.00
  5. Trixie Ava Backpack 32 X 42 X 22cm Grey

    Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €40.00
  6. Trixie Plastic Bottle With Bowl 0.55L

    Special Price €4.00 Regular Price €6.99
  7. Trixie Bottle With Bowl Stainless Steel / Plastic 0.75L

    Special Price €8.50 Regular Price €17.00
  8. Trixie Bottle With Bowl Stainless Steel / Plastic 0.3L

    Special Price €5.50 Regular Price €11.00
  9. Julius K9 Power Harness Red 51-67cm

    Special Price €22.50 Regular Price €44.99
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Browse our huge range of Dog Accessories Online. We stock all manner of pet supplies and products that you could possibly need for your pet dog and puppy, all available with fast delivery. Our selection of Dog Accessories includes beds, bowls, kennels, crates, pet cleaning products, pet clothing, training products and treats.

Dog treats are an excellent way to give your dog a little special something after being a good boy, but can also be the centre point of a good training program! Rewards can be a great incentive to give the paw or be quiet on command. Dog bones can be an excellent way to remove plaque too, as some dogs don't enjoy toothbrushes. Whether your dog is on a grain free diet or just enjoys a strong bone to chew through, there's something for everyone! If your pup is an excited eater and you find him eating his treats a bit too quickly, we also stock slow feeders: interactive dog food bowls that help slow down dinner time!

Leads and collars are very important for walking your dog, and ID tags too. In case he gets away from you, ID tags on a sturdy collar are the fastest way to get found and returned home! Every dog needs a good diet and exercise regime, but most importantly they need fun! If you aren't available all day long for playtime, the next best thing is a good sturdy toy. Soft toys are excellent company during the day and harder toys will last even the most enthusiastic chewer. There are even dental dog toys to help relieve gum pain during teething time. We also stock a large variety of doggy health items to help with dental pain, alongside hygiene products, flea treatments, and worming tablets.

Are you keeping your dog inside or outside? Or on the go? We've got you covered! With a big range of crates, bed, and kennels, you'll be spoilt for choice! Vet beds and soft beds are perfect for keeping inside the house, while we stock kennel accessories to keep them warm and cosy during the colder months. If you have a pup with light fur or live in a rainy area (like all of Ireland) you might consider getting a raincoat for him! This will limit the amount of time spent drying your dog after walks, and keep him clean for longer. If he does get messy, we sell lots of dog shampoos and conditioners! Human shampoos are made with a different pH level in mind so they aren't safe to use on dogs, and they might upset tummies if accidentally ingested. With a nice brush afterwards, his fur will be soft and gorgeous.

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