Degu Care Guide

Degus are ideal pets for older children and teenagers. They are very intelligent and make very good pets.

How Do They Mix With Other Degus?

Degus are best kept in same sex pairs but they need to be purchased together so that they know each other.

Where do They Like to Live?

Degus are a rodent and as such love to chew everything. Therefore the cage you purchase should have wire bars or else you could use a terrarium. They like to have different levels to climb around in their cage. They need a solid base in their cage to avoid damaging their paws. They also need a little house full of hay to sleep in and forage on the hay.

Degus are especially sensitive to heat and as such ensure they are not kept beside a radiator or in direct sunlight.

It is no harm to place branches, shelves and tubes in the degus cage for entertainment.

What do They like to Eat?

A guinea pig pellet is the most suitable food for a degu. Avoid feeding muesli. Avoid feeding fresh vegetables or fruit as this can cause stomach upsets. Hay needs to be provided as degus require a source of long fibre. For a treat and variety you can give them a fruit stick.

Provide fresh water daily and remove uneaten food daily.

Handling your Degu

Don’t disturb your degu for 2 days so it gets used to its new surroundings. You can start then talking to your degu and introduce a treat and you can gently pick them up holding it gently. Never handle them roughly or allow very young children to handle them. Never pick them up by their tail.

Cleaning your Cage

Ensure cage is regularly cleaned and disinfected weekly.

Keeping your Degu Healthy

Provide gnawing timber toys or mineral stones as degus teeth are constantly growing and they need these to gnaw on.

Healthy degus have bright eyes, dry noses and shiny coats. Degus can live 6 to 8 years when properly cared for.

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