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  1. Trixie Premio Chicken Filet Bites Chicken 50g

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Cat treats are an important part of any cat's diet, often supplementing the food that their owner chooses to give them. At Equipet, we stock a wide range of cat treats that will be sure to fill any still-rattling cat tummies.

Cat treats can often include unique health benefits that, when combined with the right cat food, can bring out the best in your cat. From a sleeker coat to soft and shiny foot-pads, cat treats and the ingredients used within them can often improve your cat's well-being when given in conjunction with a balanced diet.

At Equipet, we stock a wide range of flavour of cat treat, making it even easier for cat owner's to find the right treat for their cat. Chicken is a tried and tested flavour that often goes down quite well. Duck is another flavour that is popular among cat owner's and can help your cat's stomach to settle if it is particularly sensitive. There's also fish flavours for cat's with an acquired taste.

Cat treats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These unique shapes, sizes and textures can contribute to the dental hygiene of your cat when given alongside a cat food that specifically aids dental hygiene.

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