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Cat Litter

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  1. Cats Best Universal Strawberry 5.5kg

    Special Price €5.00 Regular Price €10.00
  2. Sanicat Aloe Vera Cat Litter 4L

    Special Price €3.50 Regular Price €8.00
  3. Beco Bamboo Cat Litter Tray Pink

    Special Price €12.00 Regular Price €24.00
  4. Cat Litter Tray

    Special Price €3.50 Regular Price €7.00
  5. Cat Litter Scoop For Silikate Litter Granules L

    Special Price €2.25 Regular Price €4.50
  6. Trixie Primo XXL Cat Litter Tray Grey

    Special Price €13.00 Regular Price €26.00
  7. Trixie Bags For Cat Litter Trays (Medium up To 37 × 48 Cm)

    Special Price €1.50 Regular Price €3.00
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Over a cat's lifetime, cat owners will spend the majority of their money on cat litter. At Equipet, our range of cat litters is both wide and competitively priced, meaning you can rest easy knowing that you're saving money while still getting your money's worth.

Cat litter comes in many forms, but the two most sought after are clumping and non-clumping litters. Clumping cat litters will, as their name suggests, clump together after your cat uses their toilet. This can be of particular benefit to owners who are tired of sweeping strewn litter up after their cat. Non-clumping litter, on the other hand, will not clump after your cat uses their toilet. This can prevent particles from becoming stuck in your cat's fur, only for your cat to then trail them around your home.

At Equipet, we also stock a range of litter bags and litter scoops that can eliminate a cat owner's worries surrounding hygiene. Some of our cat litter solutions are even automatic and will remove the work from a cat owner's life; saving them from having to clean their pet's litter tray altogether. Some cat litters can even be used in small animal cages, though it is recommended that a cat litter is thoroughly researched before deciding this.

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