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Cat Health Supplies

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  1. Vitakraft Cat Grass 120gm

    Special Price €3.00 Regular Price €6.00
  2. Bob Martin Clear Flea And Tick Spot On Drops Cat 4 Weeks

    Special Price €2.50 Regular Price €5.00
  3. Bob Martin Flea And Tick Spot On Drops Cat 24 Week

    Special Price €7.50 Regular Price €15.00
  4. Catit Fresh and Clear Replacement Filter Cartridges

    Special Price €5.25 Regular Price €10.50
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A cat's mood is the quickest way to tell if there's something bothering them. A cat owner may notice that their pet has changed their sleeping position or that they've gone off their favourite food. At Equipet, we stock a range of cat health supplements that can help your best friend return to their former selves.

Cat health supplements covers a wide range of cat health areas. From urinary and dietary supplements to sprays and scents that can help cats get along with one another. A member of our pet expert team would be more than able to talk to you about what your cat needs and what you can do as a cat owner to supplement your cat's lifestyle.

Worming your cat is an important part of owning and caring for a cat. We stock a range of cat worming tablets that can be given with or without food. The ideal dosage period for cats is four times yearly at three month intervals. This will cover your cat through all major worming seasons and keep their gut healthy and working.

Cat flea treatments are also an important part of caring for a cat's health. During warmer seasons, fleas and ticks can fall off trees or rub off on bushes that your cat passes, thus infesting your cat. Cat flea and tick treatments can kill these pests and their eggs without much fuss or effort. We also stock flea and tick treatments for your home too, so that if your cat returns with a coat full of fleas and ticks you can be prepared to deal with them accordingly.

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