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  1. Trixie Cushy Cave Cat Bed Pink

    Special Price €15.00 Regular Price €29.99
  2. Trixie Diamond Cuddly Cave

    Special Price €20.00 Regular Price €39.99
  3. Capri 2 Pet Travel Carrier Light Blue

    Special Price €15.50 Regular Price €31.00
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A cat will spend the vast majority of it's life either sleeping or lounging, that is why it is important to provide your cat with a suitable cat bed that will keep their body shielded from the cold or dirty floor. At Equipet, we stock a range of cat beds that are more than suitable for any breed, size or shape of cat.

Cats are often choosy about where it comes to sleeping and will often turn their heads up at a cat bed or cat blanket that is in the wrong place. As a cat owner, it is up to you to know where exactly your cat prefers to lounge and thus where to place their new cat bed. Oftentimes, a cat bed will see plenty of use if it is in a cool or shaded part of a cat owner's home, a place that is away from the main thoroughfare of guests and visitors.

Choosing the right cat bed for your cat can be a difficult matter. That is why we stock a range of cat hides too, making sure that there is a solution for any cat owner. Cat hides and hollows are often better suited to shy cats that tend to prefer dark places to lounge and sleep. In any case, a cat bed will do well when placed in the quietest part of a cat owner's home.

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