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  1. Sheba Fresh & Fine Cat Pouch 50 X 50G

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  2. Sheeba Fine Flakes Cat Pouches Poultry In Gravy 40 Pack

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Here at Equipet we stock a huge range of cat supplies, from cat litter trays to scratching posts to top shelf cat food! Feeding your cat the correct food is vital to their well being, and for that reason we stock a blend of premium and luxury cat food. Both dry and wet, a mix of the two will help your cat get all the nutrition and hydration necessary to stay healthy! A soft coat can only come from a good diet, and we make sure to only stock the best. Whether your cat only likes 80% meat dry food or wet tuna sachets, there's something to make everyone happy. Similar to dogs, cats deserve lots of love and affection. One easy way to show your cat you love them is to give them cat treats! She'll adore the delicious taste of treats, perfect for rewarding good behaviour or just as a sign of love.

The most important items for a cat after food are general accessories, like collars, bowls, toys, and scratching posts. These items all come together to help your cat have a comfortable life, as toys will keep her busy and scratching posts will help release any pent up stress! Collars and ID tags are vital if your cat is a bit of a wanderer, these together will help her be returned if she goes too far from home. Purchasing one of our wide variety of cat flaps will assist in this too; she can come back in on her own if she gets back at a time you aren't home! Having a good bed is important too, though it may feel sometimes that she sleeps everywhere but the bed! Having your own space is central to humans and animals alike.

While cats are very efficient at keeping themselves clean, there are a few hygiene issues cat owners have to handle. The most obvious is cat litter, and this is a product you should always be stocked up on. Cats naturally try to hide their waste, and there's no need to house train them which is a big benefit, but without litter to dig up they will be confused. A good tray is also a handy purchase, as a top quality one will last you a long time and keep cleaning to a minimum. Another item to remember are cat wormers. Cats should be wormed every 3 months once they're past 6 months old to guarantee protection from worms.

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