Here at Equipet, we are constantly investing in the skills and qualities of our staff members. We offer competitive pay, monthly training sessions with brand leaders such as Red Mill's and Royal Canin, while awarding long-service rewards for dedicated staff. We look after our own family so that we can look after yours.

Our staff are passionate about animals and we advocate responsible pet ownership. As such, we ask that all potential applicants are also passionate about animal well-being and welfare. A successful applicant will be spending a great deal of their working time surrounded by animals. This can entail supervising the small animal enclosures to monitoring the fish tanks. On occasion, a member of staff may be called upon to assist our in-store groomers. Customers are more than welcome to bring their animals in, meaning that potential candidates will be dealing with a wide variety of pets, as well as their owners.

Equipet prides itself on being able to go above and beyond for customers as a result of our employee's hard work and training. As such, potential applicants should be able to openly talk to customers and confidently offer them the best advice they can. Training will be provided, at no expense, to successful applicants. It is also required of all staff members that they hold a recent (not older than one year) Manual Handling Certificate. If this is not the case, a successful applicant will be asked to complete a one-day Manual Handling course, organised and subsidised by Equipet, at a date which suits the successful applicant.

Animal experience is not essential, but for some roles, it is a necessity. For specialist roles such as Equine Sales Members and Aquatic Sales Members, owning the respective animal is a requirement, as well as having 1 or more years of experience in dealing with those animals. Applicants applying for grooming positions must also hold qualifications in their respective field such as those available from FETAC or City and Guilds.

Equipet is an equal opportunities employer. This means that all applicants for a role are given fair consideration before a final candidate is selected. Equipet does not discriminate against tattoos, body piercings, other body modifications, gender (the expression of which or otherwise), sexuality, religion, ethnicity, political views or age.

If you are interested in a career with Equipet, please follow the link to our page to see all opportunities currently available. Applications can be made from within the environment.

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