Can I Train My Cat?

Dogs are pack animals and will try to follow you and do everything the right way. Cats will not tend to do this and are usually trained by their mother in the first 12 weeks of their life. However, you can teach you cat that certain things have pleasant or unpleasant results for them.

You can use a water spray or water pistol to prevent your cat from doing certain things. However, you should only do this when your cat is ‘caught in the act’. Your cat should not be aware of where the water came from so that the unpleasant consequence is not associated with you.

Remember that cats are smart animals and once they associate the unpleasant consequence with you they will happily get back to mischief when you are absent! Praise and rewards work well with cats as with people and other animals! A nice pet or a tasty treat will get your cat repeating the desired behaviour.

Where your cat tries to get its way by screaming the best way to deal with this is ignorance. Where your cat gets no response they will quickly cease this behaviour.

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