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Michael Bublé is on the radio, your neighbor's decorations are up and visible from the International Space Station in orbit over Earth and your kids have gone stark raving mad for Elves on Shelves; Christmas has officially arrived. While many of us will be busy acquiring gifts for our family members, friends and loved ones, please don’t forget about the ones that love us the most; our pets! It is with great pride and Christmas cheer that we invite you to our store, both online and off to see our brand-new Christmas ranges for your pets! Without further ado, let’s jingle-jump in and see if you can find the perfect gift for your pet this year!


Pedigree Dog and Whiskas Cat Stockings:


A classic Christmas gift returns to our shelves this year for both cats and dogs! The Pedigree and Whiskas stockings are the ideal Christmas gift for any cat or dog, especially as a literal stocking to hang from your mantlepiece on Christmas Eve! The Pedigree stocking contains multiple treats and toys for your pet pooch that he will just love, while the Whiskas stocking contains multiple pouches and treats that any ‘Queen of the House’ would be delighted to have. Either stocking is also perfect for a friend or relative’s pet and both are truly great value! Another super idea is giving a friend’s pet a stocking from your own pet and addressing it as such! Imagine the delight when Rocky the Lab receives a gift from Mollie the Collie two doors down the road! Either way, the Pedigree and Whiskas Stockings have become an iconic staple of the Christmas season for all pets!


Rosewood and Goodboy Christmas Plush Range:


teddy giftNew to Equipet this year is the wide range of Rosewood and Goodboy Christmas themed Plush Toys! Suitable for both cats and dogs, these plush toys can serve as comfort animals for nervous pets, cuddle buddies for bed time snuggles and chew toys for bad boys. The Rosewood Christmas Plush range includes, but is not limited to: Rosewood Reindeer Stretch-A-Lot, Festive Maxi Charlie Twist, Twisty Tough Reindeer, Festive Susan and the Luxury Cuddly Comet, as well as a whole host of other Goodboy products. Any of these gifts would be perfect for your pet to find under the tree on Christmas day or even for your friend’s pet! The Rosewood and Goodboy Plush toy ranges are made from durable fabrics and are machine washable, meaning all of the above will last for a long time!


Other Gifts for Cats and Dogs:


While our Christmas ranges would provide the perfect gift for any pet this Christmas, any item from our store would make the ideal present for any animal owner you know! Perhaps your Brother’s cat is in need of a new bed or your Grandmother’s dog would love to try a new a fleece or dog rug? Now is the time to do it! Over the Christmas season we will be offering plenty of discounts, both online and in-store, making it the perfect time to spend that little bit extra and get something that is truly unique for the people (and pets) that you love most! In any case, our sales assistants would be more than happy to help you get the right gift this Christmas, no matter who it’s for!


Birds, Small Animals and Fish:


birdies giftsWhile the focus of everyone’s attention may be on cats and dogs, who could forget our smaller and more vulnerable friends this Christmas? Anyone who owns any of these animals would be delighted to receive a treat ball, seed pack or even fish flakes! Not only does it show that you remembered your friends’ small animals but you put extra thought into their gift this year! Small animals are the easiest to buy gifts for anyway… Birds and Rabbits are voracious eaters of seeds which are packed full of nutrients and also help them hone their beaks and teeth, while fish are quite happy no matter what you put in their tank, as long as they can eat it! In any case, our shop staff or web team would be more than happy to assist you in getting the right gift for any small animal this Christmas!



Gifts for Horse and Rider:



boot giftChristmas is the perfect time of year for your little girl to get a brand-new dressage kit for under the tree or even for your horses to get brand new rugs. Either way, we stock a huge selection of boots, jodhpurs, helmets, whips, hunting jackets, body protectors, rugs (both stable and turnout), gloves, nutri-licks, supplements and oils (among many more items)! Imagine the delight on your little one’s face when she see’s her cob kitted out in a brand new rug on Christmas morning or showing up at the equestrian club with the latest hunter boots! Horse tack is the ideal present for any equestrian enthusiast or young rider and there is always a huge variety of items in store to choose from! In any case, the staff at Equipet are more than able to assist you in picking the right Equestrian gear for the one you love this Christmas!



For Him and Her:


men women jackets giftsWhile we are most definitely a pet store first and foremost, we also stock a wide range of outdoor clothing and jackets for both him and her. Has your significant other got her eye on a brand new Horseware Corrib jacket? Does your husband need a new Winter jacket for his weekend golfing escapades? We have most definitely got you covered if you answered yes to any of those questions! Equipet is one of the few retailers of Horseware items as well as Regatta outdoor clothing! With our new store now open in Dundalk, you’ll now have 4 places to purchase licensed Horseware items as well as Regatta outdoor essentials! Hoo-ray!


Not just for Christmas, For Life:


We’ve all been there: it’s the 23rd of December, the shops are closing soon, you’ve gone and left it till the last minute to get your Significant Other/ Mother/ Father/ Sentient Tree/ Balrog/ Dementor (whatever or whoever...) something for Christmas. You panic and think – “I know exactly what to do!”, though don’t be fooled; this is only the fear and adrenaline talking. You jump in your car and drive 400 Kilometers to Dingle; a man living on the remote Blasket Islands has the most beautiful Pomeranians you’ve ever seen, and on Done Deal for an absolute steal. You hand him a hard-earned wad of crisp 20’s and speed off home with a brand-new family member, delighted with yourself that you’ve saved Christmas ‘once again’. A smug grin seeps in across your face as you hit the M7 after Limerick… but! *Record Scratch, Freeze Frame*… You’ve just impulsively bought a live animal without even thinking about it.


sad dog giftWith all the wild analogies and metaphors aside, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas! We at Equipet cannot stress this enough. A lot of thought needs to be put into deciding to own an animal of any size. Ask yourself: Can I take care of it? Does my home and lifestyle meet its needs? Can I afford one? Do I have time for this? If you would answer no to any of those questions, a pet isn’t exactly the best thing for you to buy, especially as a gift for someone at Christmas. An inordinate number of dogs, cats and small animals end up in shelters or worse after the Christmas period, simply because they seemed like a great gift at the time when in reality they weren’t. Please don’t impulsively buy any animals this Christmas unless you have thought about owning one for life. Equipet will not be selling or holding (for collection) any of our small animals on Christmas Eve. The welfare of animals is our top priority and it should be yours too!


Signing off On Christmas Gifts:


Phew! With all that aside, we hope that you can take time out of your busy schedules to pop online or visit us in-store for the best value on pet and equestrian goods this Christmas. All of our staff have been training hard in preparation for your burning queries and questions and we would be more than happy to help you as much as we can! Whether you’re curious about certain pet foods or you can’t decide which Santa Hat would look best on your friend’s Chihuahua, Equipet is always ready to help!


Until next time Jingle-Pet-Pals!


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