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Typical of May, the weather hasn't a clue what it wants to do with itself. Long evenings where the Sun fights through darkened clouds are often spent indoors, and what better way to spend an evening indoors than watching a worthwhile piece of television with your favourite four-legged friend?

So, join us as we highlight some of the best series to ever grace the oul' Teilifís from the last 20 years. Oh, and with the kids back at school, some of these series are rated M for Mature, so pups and kittens might need to watch something else!

No. 5: The Queen's Gambit (Netflix)

One of the sleeper hits to come out of Netflix last year, The Queen's Gambit follows the story of Beth Harmon as she wins her way through America's chess scene in the 60's. By the time the seventh episode finished, my cat and I were stunned, glancing to each other with wide eyes and mouths agape. I can't explain it, but there's something about it that draws you in. We bet it'll draw you and your furry friend in too!

*TV-MA, Not Suitable for Children.

No. 4: The Terror (AMC/Prime Video)

Be it a submarine or a run-of-the-mill ship, there's no story quite as tense as that of 'a bunch of lads stuck on a boat'. The Terror is a fictitious account of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition of 1847. While it does feature horror elements and an overall heavy tone, The Terror does a fine job of balancing the darkness with glimpses of levity and hope.

*TV-14, Not Suitable for Children.

No. 3: Prison Break (Netflix)

For as long as I live, Mickey Scofield and the Fox River State Penitentiary will hold a special place in my heart as the first series that got me hooked. Prison Break follows the story of two brothers, one of whom is incarcerated in the infamous prison for a crime he didn't commit... or did he? Regardless, Michael Scofield — genius and savant — hatches a plan: Get in and get his brother out. Should be easy, considering he designed the place.

*TV-14, Not Suitable for Children.

No. 2: Parks and Recreation (Netflix)

One of the many 'Office' clones that sprung up after the US version's massive success, Parks and Recreation follows the Pawnee Government Office responsible for, you guessed it, Parks and Recreation. What sets Parks and Rec aside from its competition is its cast of characters that offer laugh-out-loud moments every single episode; of note is Andy Dwyer (played by a then-unknown Chris Pratt).

*PG-13, Not Suitable for Children.

No. 1: Stranger Things (Netflix)

The result of a coming-of-age story cobbled together in an 80's themed shed, Stranger Things leans particularly hard on the nostalgia button. However, it's impossible to not walk away from this series feeling ten years younger and a little bit scared. Massive shout-out to David Harbour who carries the show on his back as Chief Jim Hopper. Trust us, you and your fluffy friend will love this!

*PG-13, Not Suitable for Children.


How'd we do, was our list any good, have you watched them all before? If you think we've snubbed a clear contender, you can let us know by emailing your thoughts to — some of your suggestions may be mentioned in a future list!

Listed in no particular order, these five series are the cream of the crop when it comes to engaging, engrossing telly. We hope you and your furry friend enjoy many a rainy evening together, curled up and warm!

For now, pet-pals, we say adieu and happy watching!

Honourable Mentions: The Wire, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Chernobyl, Fargo, Yellowstone, The Mandalorian, The Witcher, Ginny and Georgia.