With many of us confined to our residences for the next few weeks, our animals are having a great time! Never before have we been home so much, but hopefully this is something that our pets won’t get used to. Of course, this leaves our furry friends in a particularly unfortunate position; what will they do when we go back to work?

In the first few days of our absence, boredom can quickly gnaw away at the moods of our pets. While cats and dogs can be assuaged with treats and toys, how can gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs be appeased?

Not to worry; we have a list of our five best boredom breakers waiting to be read below!

No. 5: The Silent Spinner Wheel

Arguably one of the best inventions of the 21st century, the Silent Spinner Wheel is ideal for smaller small animals who love to exercise themselves. The added benefit of this is that it’s silent, so when you’re home in the evening you won’t hear your pet breaking a sweat (even if you can still hear their workout mixtape).

No. 4: Trixie Small Animal Carrot Toy

An Ideal toy for any Guinea Pig or Rabbit, the Small Animal Carrot Toy is another of our healthy toys that also promotes good dental health and hygiene for your pet. It can also be stuck into the bars of your pet’s cage as an added challenge for them to reach up and gnaw on. It’s also made from sisal that won’t harm your pet’s mouth nor hurt their tummy – Neat!

No. 3: The Trixie Playing Tunnel

The ultimate tool in obstacle creation and enjoyment, the Trixie Playing tunnel will keep your small animal busy for hours to come. Simply set it up, put another toy or treat in the middle and let your pet’s do as they please! Alternatively, you can set the tunnel up between two cages for a fun passageway that your pet’s can take. This tunnel is suitable for all small animals.

No. 2: Gnawing Stone With Croquettes

What treat or toy is better than one that actively contributes to your pet’s health? Well, I can think of one more, but the Gnawing Stone is arguably one of the best toys or treats you can give to a gerbil or rabbit. While also helping to keep their teeth short, they’ll also be rewarded with tasty treats as they wear down the stone.

No. 1: The Superpet Clear Runabout Ball

The only thing keeping that gnawing stone off the top spot! The runabout ball is the ideal boredom breaker; combining exercise and fun into one handy toy. While your pet is marvelling at their time in the ball, why not clean out their hutch or cage? They won’t know what’s going on when they return to their freshened dwellings!

Hopefully you’ll have need of these toys and treats in the near future, but we wait with bated breaths to see what happens next regarding our continued fight against Covid-19. Of course, we’re still processing and dispatching orders, so if you need to order any of the above or essential foods for your furry friends, you can click here to do so!

For now, pet-pals, we wish safety and health on you and your furry-friends.