Hello cat compan… Wait, where did the Summer go? It’s not September already, is it? That could only mean one thing… It’s time to Fall for Felines!

With the past three months sounding like a verse from a certain Billy Joel song, we’ve decided to inject some much-needed joy into the Autumn ahead. Allow me to be the first to unveil our Fall for Felines campaign: a cat themed extravaganza featuring news, offers, tips, tricks and catnip!

For the month of September keep an eye on our website and social media for all you could ever want for your favourite (well, my favourite…) pet! To start us off, and to give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a list of seven essential cat accessories that’ll have your feline falling for you!

7: The Catit Flower Water Fountain

A modern marvel of engineering, the Catit Flower Fountain removes the banality of drinking water from your cat’s daily routine. Featuring three different modes of ‘flow’, the Flower Fountain is sure to appeal to all cats, whether fussy or lazy. The water is filtered through a specially created sponge which removes toxins and prevents your feline from drinking sullied or stale water, too. Plug it in, fill it up, and walk away; let your cat do the rest! It’s also handy on the ESB bill, so you won’t have to worry about charging your clawed companion any rent.

6: Kong Catnip

Ever heard of Chekov’s gun? Narrative techniques aside, Catnip has quickly become one of our most popular products due to the natural “calming” effect it can have on house cats. This high quality catnip is harvested when it is at peak flavour, colour and fragrance and then field-dried. The leaf and flower cutting process reduces stems and seeds and preserves more of the essential oils which cause the desired “calming” effect. This “calming” effect can translate to three things: hunger, playtime, or the most common result, sleepiness. Catnip is a safe bet and a safe indulgence for your cat. We both know they deserve to be spoiled.

5: Trixie Round Scratcher

Is it a barrel? Is it a scratcher? Who knows! Actually, we do… It’s both. The Trixie Round Scratcher satisfies your cats urge to scratch while also providing a challenge by rolling away. Made from durable sisal fibres, this rolling scratcher also has a ball on the inside which rattles as it moves, engaging your cat’s prey drive — a great way to protect your furniture. Combine this with the catnip listed above and you’ll be onto a winner when it comes to keeping your purring machine running smoothly.

4: Ancol Deluxe Brush

Now, normally I’d be skeptical of any brush for a cat, simply because they don’t like them. With that being said, the Ancol Deluxe Cat Brush has something about it that cats don’t seem to mind (not mine, anyway). Featuring soft bristles designed for medium to long-haired cats, this brush will strip more dead hairs from your cat’s coat than any other brush. You may still have to take the crouching tiger, hidden dragon approach, but I swear by this brush and the amount of time it’s saved me washing hair from my clothes!

3: Kong Corduroy Mouse Toy

Innovation is a trait most sought after in the pet world. Kong, however, hold nothing back when it comes to experimentation! This mouse toy can be loaded up with the catnip included and sent on its merry way to be destroyed, and then fallen asleep beside. While also engaging your cats prey drive, this toy serves as a cute calming aide and can be refilled as many times as you like with any brand of catnip. There are also three variations to pick from, but the mouse is my favourite (and my Lord Fluffyboot’s).

2: Cheeko Fusion Non-Slip Bowl

You can’t beat simplicity, it’s a fact. You certainly can’t beat this Non-slip Fusion Bowl from Cheeko, not even with a big stick. Made from a stainless-steel alloy (Robowl Cop, anyone?) and featuring a rubber base, this pet bowl is built to last and won’t succumb to rust or any other metallic ailments. Because it’s stainless-steel, it also means it can be washed without worry. Put food in it, put water in it, put treats in it, nothing is too much for this robust bowl.

1: Rosewood Dogtooth Cat Bowtie

Thus, our list concludes in “classic fashion”, no-less. The one thing that has always been constant; in cartoons, in movies, in any depiction of a cat ever… The collar — a common staple in any cat’s wardrobe and the defining piece of an owner’s personality (what little we’re allowed to impart onto our cats, anyway). This stylish piece from Rosewood features a detachable bell and is available in two colours; the one shown above and another in a deep burgundy. Adjustable, contemporary, on-trend for 2019; there’s very little else one could possibly want from a collar and we know from experience that your cat will be fighting to keep it on, rather than to take it off.

All's Well That Ends Well...

And so, my sweet Dreamies, our journey has ended. Armed with the above, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to appease the Goddess of your home, or to satiate the beast in your garden. Don’t forget to check in with us all this month for exciting news, tips and tricks, and other cat-related goings-on. This Autumn, we hope that you too will Fall for Felines.

Ciao! Or, Meow!