Welcome, Pet-pals, to the new Equipet Event Guide! It’s hard to believe that it’s already April, and what a fun April we have in store for you all! With so much going on, it’s easy to see why the year is going as fast as it is: an ID Tag special offer, Cat and Dog worming, our support of Darkness into Light with Pieta House, Wag’n’Walk with Village Vets, 4 Pet Fun Days for you and your family, and the birthday of our four-legged brand ambassador! Even just writing all of that made me take a breath — so, let’s get down to brass-tacks, then.


Family Fun Days:



Equipet Coolock - April 13th

Who's here: Wet Nose Photography. Ask the Trainer with the DSPCA. Free Vet Check-ups. Face Painting.

On Saturday the 13th April, Equipet Coolock will be hosting an amazing photo shoot for your pets thanks to Wet Nose Photography, free pet checkups with Village Vets, Ask the Trainer with a representative from the DSPCA, and a colouring table and face painting for kids (at heart or otherwise). The fun kicks off at 12p.m and finishes up at 3p.m, so be sure to get there early to experience all that we have to offer on the day.

Equipet Tallaght - April 14th

Who's here: Wet Nose Photography. Face Painting.

On Sunday the 14th of April, Equipet Tallaght is also hosting a photo shoot for your pets thanks to Wet Nose Photography (It’s like they can almost be in two places at once!). As well as that, face painting and colouring stations will also be on deck to provide children with endless entertainment! Like in Equipet Coolock, the fun kicks off at 12p.m and finishes up at 3p.m, so be sure to get there early to experience all that we have to offer.

Equipet Ashbourne - April 22nd

Who's here: Wet Nose Photography. Ask the Trainer with the DSPCA. Free Vet Check-ups. Face Painting.

On Easter Monday the 22nd of April, Equipet Ashbourne will also be hosting a pet photography shoot as well as free pet checkups thanks to Village Vets. The DSPCA will also be there to answer any of your animal related questions. For kids, both old and young, face painting and colouring stations will be on deck to ensure the maximum amount of fun is had by all. Like the other stores, this party starts at 12p.m and finishes at 3p.m.

Equipet Drogheda - April 27th

Who's here: Wet Nose Photography. Face Painting.

Finally, on Saturday the 27th of April, Equipet Drogheda will be hosting Wet Nose Photography for one last bout of pet photography shoots (I think they deserve the rest after this...) Colouring stations and face painting will be available for kids young and old. The event in Drogheda will also be starting at 12p.m and finishing at 3p.m, so be sure to get there early.

With so much going on, you’d be hard pressed to make it to each event; from Wet Nose Photography’s point of view alone! In any case, we can’t wait to see you there, whatever store and whatever day you decide to pay us a visit on.



Darkness into Light:


Darkness into light


We are proud to announce our collaboration with Pieta House in this year’s Darkness into Light walks. As well as supporting the event, we also have flashing Darkness into Light Collars and Leads on sale across all of our stores and online. These essential items will allow you and your pet to be seen clearly on the walk, while the proceeds of which will be donated directly to Pieta House. Not only are you ensuring that you and your pet can be seen, you’re also supporting a great cause! We can’t wait to see you on the morning of May 11th!



Pet Worming:


Pet Worming Banner


With warm evenings allowing us the chance to walk our pets, we must remember to be vigilant; being sure to prevent them ingesting anything that may give them worms!

There are four main types of worm that can affect your dog's health: Roundworm, Tapeworm, Lungworm and Hookworm. While each worm can affect your dog in a different way, there are many different products in which to combat these troublesome individuals. Thankfully, there is a one-for-all solution in Endogard for Dogs, which kills the main types of worm and their eggs, leaving your pet happy and healthy once again! However, overuse or incorrect use of wormers can lead to worms becoming immune to the treatment, so it is vital that you follow the directions of the product that you purchased and make sure it is suitable for the worm that your dog has. Some wormers are not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs so it is vital that you make sure the wormer is right for your dog, should she be pregnant or lactating. Dog Worming Schedule: New puppies should be wormed when they are 12 weeks old, 16 weeks old and 24 weeks old. Then four times every year thereafter.

Cats also need worming too, more-so than dogs. Outdoor cats are prone to licking and eating most things that they can get their paws on. To this end, they often contract worms and fleas from being as curious as they are. However, there is no need to fret; Exitel Cat wormer is the ideal solution for dealing with all worms that your cat may encounter. But remember, overuse or incorrect use of wormers can lead to worms becoming immune to the treatment, so it is essential that you stick to a regular worming schedule. Four times yearly is more than enough to ensure full coverage.

For pets that are too smart for their own good, we now have Easy Pill; the ideal and easy solution for pets that refuse to take their medicine. Easy Pill is made up of a tasty tablet which other tablets can be pressed into and hidden, concealing the wormer in both sight, smell and taste. With both Easy Pill and a wide selection of wormers on hand, your pets will be totally defended from these bothersome ailments!

Pet Worming Schedule: New puppies and Kittens should be wormed when they are 12 weeks old, 16 weeks old and 24 weeks old. Then four times every year thereafter. Worming Sheet available here.

If you still have questions about worming your dog or the wormers we stock, inquire with one of our friendly sales team who would be more than happy to help you pick what is right for your pet!



ID Tag Sale:


Id Tag Sale


Have you ever thought about how important your Pet’s ID tag is? Until a time comes when animals can talk, an ID Tag is the first point of reference for someone finding your stray pet. In most cases, an ID Tag is the difference between recovering your pet safely and never seeing them again.

It is for this reason alone that we will be having 25% off all ID Tags in-store and online between the 17th and 23rd of April. This also includes a free engraving of up to 3 lines on most ID Tags. The engraving takes only two minutes and is done right before your eyes (if you’re picking one up in-store). Normally, we see people opting for their Pet’s name and their main contact number for engravings which is a great idea! Though, there is sometimes room for a bit of fun; usually on the other side of the tag (have your people call my people, etc...).

If you don’t have an ID tag for your pet, this offer is the perfect chance to get one!



Village Vets Presents: Wag’n’Walk Charity Event:


Wag and Walk


On the 25th of May, Village Vets invite you to take part in a charity walk in support of My Canine Companion; an organisation which trains and provides dogs to families that have special needs, such as, but not limited to autism. Despite the absolute necessary work that My Canine Companion does, they receive no Government aid and rely solely on the good-will, fund-raising and donations of the families affected.

To join Village Vets in support of this excellent cause, there is an entry fee of €15 which will go straight to My Canine Companion and insure a family and three dogs to take part in the event. Each dog there will also receive a complimentary bandana, water and dog treats upon arrival. Each participant will also receive €20 off their next visit to Village Vets and a €30 grooming voucher for use in any Groom Room in Equipet. Not only that, but everyone registered will be entered into a draw, of which the winner will receive 1 full year of a Pet Health Plan, valued at €300!

The walk will be taking place in Phoenix Park at 11a.m on the 25th of May. The meeting place for the walk is the Dublin Zoo car park. The walk will loop through much of Phoenix Park's beautiful scenery, hopefully on one of the nicest days of the year. You can sign up for the walk in any Equipet store or any Village Vets branch, or online here where you can donate the €15 entry fee.



Willow’s Birthday:


Willows Birthday


Our brand Ambassador Willow will be turning 6 on the 12th of April and she’s invited you all to her party in our Drogheda Store! Willow will be there in person (...or dog), of course, and there will also be cupcakes for Owners and treats for her Kin. As well as that, there will be 20% Off Selected Dog Beds across all of our stores! You’d be mad to miss her birthday, let alone our amazing Bed offer! Willow’s Birthday will run for the entire weekend, so there’s plenty of time for you to drop in and enjoy the savings (and the scrumptious cupcakes).



As the Spider said to the Fly; ‘Stick around.’

With so much going on, it would be best to keep your weekends free for the next two months! Between offers, face painting, birthdays, pet fun days, cupcakes, photography, and sponsored walks, there is something for everyone and every pet. Keep a spare eye on our blog and our emails for more information on any of the events listed above, and in the immortal words of Bill and Ted; be excellent to each other.

Bye for now Pet-Pals!