Cats are intriguing creatures to say the least. As independent as they are, sometimes they do genuinely need the assistance of a human. With that in mind, we're here once again to help you through the various Cat health products we stock in Equipet; what you need, what your cat needs and what is best for both owner and pet. Let's begin!


Fleas, Ticks and Worms:


cat health kittyJust like in dogs and other small animals, cats can also contract fleas, ticks and worms. cats can even contract worms from the fleas in their own coats, simply by eating them. In this regard, it is extremely important to protect your cat from fleas and ticks. Beaphar offer an excellent series of cat flea removers, tick removers and wormers. By taking care of your cat's fleas, ticks and worms, you are also protecting your home and family from them as well! We recommend that you check your cats coat regularly for any sign of fleas and ticks and, if possible, examine their stools to make sure there are no worms present. If you think the parasites have gotten to a stage beyond your control, please consult your vet immediately. In any case, all of the staff here at Equipet are trained to know exactly what wormer, flea remover or tick killer is right for your feline friend!


Coat Care and Grooming:


cat health hidingCats are so adept at grooming themselves, they wrote the book on it and got a Nobel Prize in Literature for their work! In normal circumstances, cats are well able to look after their own coats and its often much easier to let them do so! Though sometimes her coat might be too thick or knotted, or even too hard to reach for herself to groom. For just such occasions, we stock a wide range of brushes, shampoos and other grooming tools that will help keep your cats coat sleek and shiny. Some cats are even fond of getting brushed, though other cats view it as a form of torture! It is essential that you understand the nature and temperament of your feline friend in order to know what grooming product is right for them. After all, there's no point getting a shampoo if your cat hates water! With the proper tools and the right motivation; grooming your cat can become a regular and happy experience for both owner and pet!


Cat-Nip and Other Calming Methods:


cat health tongueAfter a hard day on the beat, roaming the estate, or even just lounging around the house; what better way to reward your cat than with the fresh scent of cat-nip? Cat-nip (Nepeta Cataria) is a plant which grows in the wild in Southern or Eastern Europe. Cat-nip is special in the sense that it activates a cats... romantic side (for want of a better phrase). This can have a calming effect on the cat where they become drowsy, playful or even hungry! However, consuming too much of the cat-nip can also have adverse effects, such as raised anxiety, clawing and biting. Cat-nip may also have no effect on your cat! In this case, the HomeoPet remedies are ideal for your feline. Any natural calming aid is an excellent tool to have for Halloween, especially for generally anxious or nervous pets.


Cleaning and Hygiene:


cat health hiding againThe domesticated feline is a proud species, and probably one of only a few species on Earth that takes great pride in how it looks, how well its coat is maintained and how generally clean they are. Though what can often happen is that a cat won't be able to reach a certain part of their body to properly clean it. This can lead to excessive scratching; of the ear in particular or reaching to clean an area that they can't properly get to. With this in mind, we stock a wide range of tear stain removers, ear cleaners and other general coat cleaners. With the proper tools at your disposal, your cat won't know herself with how clean she is! These cleaning products are also ideal for when your little tiger comes home covered in filth from hunting in the underbrush all day! All pet cleaning products at Equipet are 100% pet safe and suitable for use on your favorite animals, no matter how big or small they are.


Supplements and Vitamins:


cat health sleeping twoSupporting your cats healthy lifestyle and her development into 'Queen of the House' is paramount! Vitakrafts' Cat Grass and the Vet IQ Kalcium tablets are just two examples of the supplements and vitamins we stock. Some supplements support the healthy development of your cat's coat and skin, while others can promote a healthy digestive system. It really depends on what your cat needs, what your vet has recommended and what activities she partakes in! If your little tiger is an outdoor hunter, she may need something that will boost her immune system. Perhaps calcium supplements that will keep her bones strong for all the acrobatics she will be performing! If she's an indoor-only cat, you may want something that promotes a healthy skin and coat while also giving her any vitamins that she may miss out on from not being outside. Whatever you or your cat needs, we're sure to have it here at Equipet.


Signing Off On Cat Health:


Cats are truly amazing creatures though they do require our help (even if they would never admit it themselves!). But don't worry! Looking after your cats health has never been easier! Our pet experts are trained to know and handle the latest cat health products in-store and online. As always, if you're unsure of anything that we stock; get in touch with us via phone or email. Drop into one of our stores or even pay us a visit with your feline friend! Our sales team will be more than happy to advise her on what is right for her!


Until next time, Pet-Pals!