At Equipet, we get mountains of questions and requests from all of you about the dog toys we sell: What size is right for my dog? How durable is this dog toy? What is this dog toy made of? Does it come in pink? After much discussion with our highly trained pet experts, we’ve come up with a list of six of your most frequently asked questions; to help make sure that you’re picking the right toy for your best friend. We take great pride in making sure that your pet has exactly what is right for them and nothing makes us happier than knowing you’re going home with the best quality products for your pet pooch!

Without further delay, let’s begin!

Question One: “How durable is this dog toy?”

According to our highly trained pet experts, this is the top question asked by pet owners. A toy’s durability entirely depends on the material it’s made of and the type of dog it’s going to be entertaining. Powerful or aggressive chewers will make quick work of most toys unless it has been specially designed for them, such as the Nylabone range. Some dog toys are specifically designed for puppies and small dogs such as Terriers, so they won’t take much punishment from an Alsatian or Doberman before falling to pieces. Dog toys are designed for dogs, so they all have an inherent ruggedness or durability about them. Most toys in store are made from rubber, natural rubber, thermoplastic rubber or even tire rubber, so it’s down to the breed and size of dog that the toy is for; which will ultimately determine how long the toy will last.

Question Two: “What size toy is right for my dog?”

There’s no straight forward answer for this question, however, it can be as simple as ‘small toys for small dogs, big toys for big dogs’. As we mentioned previously, powerful or aggressive chewers may need to get a bigger size of dog toy, or a toy that is designed to withstand extended chewing sessions. It wholly depends on the personality and habits of your dog. If your little friend is looking for a cuddle buddy, the Rosewood plush toy range is perfect. If your big man is hankering for something to gnaw on, the Extra-Large Kong or Nylabone ranges are made for him. Even if your friendly Lab or Retriever is in need of a new fetch toy, the Nerf Dog Toy range is ideal for the sheer variety of sizes they have available. Nearly all toys in our store come in multiple sizes, ensuring that we will definitely have the right dog toy for your “four-legged” best friend.

Question Three: “I bought a toy but my dog won’t play with it, what do I do?”

Don’t panic. In rare cases, a dog may have no interest in dog toys. In most cases, he is intimidated by the new toy or hasn’t been properly introduced to it. When first introducing your dog to a new toy; hold it out to him in a friendly manner, allow him to sniff and investigate this new toy and begin offering praise and encouragement. If it squeaks, gently squeak the toy to alert your dog to its noise. If he is still not having any of it, place the toy on the ground and allow your pet to get used to it in his own time. A dog that is used to playing with toys will be more likely to take to a new toy immediately, as opposed to a dog that has never played with a toy before. Should your dog become afraid of a toy, remove the toy from his sight immediately to prevent any discomfort for him. Not all toys are suitable for all dogs, so it is vital that you pick the right size and type of toy.

Question four: “Where are the dog toys located in store and online?”

In most of our stores, the dog toys are located directly at the entrance along with the rest of our dog products. In Equipet Drogheda, located at the M1 Retail Park, we have four shelves of dog toys directly adjacent to the counter. On our website, simply select the dog category on the menu bar and you’ll see the dog toys category, featuring all of the most popular dog toy brands. Even if you still find yourself getting lost, a member of our sales team would be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

Question five: “What should I do if my dog breaks a toy?”

If your furry friend does manage to tear a toy asunder; stop all play immediately and remove the toy. Most toy parts are harmless should they be ingested, but we at Equipet take no chances when it comes to your pet’s safety. Some Rosewood soft toys actually come without a plush filling, so if you are looking for something that your dog can tear to shreds, you won’t have a mess to clean up afterwards. Some toys are even toted as “Indestructible” (see the Nylabone or Boomer Ball ranges), but there is always a chance that your dog will beat the curve and break the unbreakable. If this is the case, you may need to think about getting a dog toy that is designed for powerful chewers.

Question six: “My dog is quite nervous, are there any toys suitable for him?”

A nervous temperament is nothing that you or your dog should be worried about and there are toys which are more than ideal for an anxious dog! Rosewood offer an excellent range of soft and cuddly toys, specially made for nervous pets. These toys act as a comforter and cuddle buddy and will make your canine companion feel safe and secure. There are even some Trixie balls that are made without a squeaking function! In any case, there are plenty of toys here at Equipet that would be more than suitable for a nervous or anxious dog. If you still need help picking the right toy, any member of our sales team would be more than happy to help you find a silent plaything for your best friend!

Picking the right toy for your dog can often be a daunting task. He can’t tell you if a toy is right for him. It is up to you to know the personality and habits of your dog, as this will ultimately determine what toy is right for them. We’re always on hand to help and guide you through this process, making it a fun and exciting experience! Why don’t you bring your dog into your local Equipet store? He can decide for himself on what toy to get, or even consult with one of our sales assistants who would be more than happy to offer their services and a friendly belly rub!

We hope we’ve answered all of your burning questions. If you’re still unsure about something, don’t be afraid to visit in-store, chat online or pick up the phone and give us a call!