So Thunder and I are a little over three weeks into boot camp! Yes I include myself as those of you that have ever taken four months off horse riding will feel my pain!

I just want to stress how much I love this horse, anyone who knows myself and Thunder know he is not only a animal to me he is my best friend and I would never do anything to hurt him, four months ago I made the decision to retire him due to a few factors that he was getting on in age, he has achieved so much with me over the last ten years and I thought it was time. However Thunder loves work. Well he loves to jump and pull me around the place!

Thunder was so depressed being out in the field with no purpose and now he is acting like a four year old still deciding where we are going and how fast we will get there!! Anyone who has ridden him will know this feeling too well!!

This past week Thunder got a visit from the dentist. I have used Niamh Martin for years and find her brilliant with the horses as Thunder is very fussy, he had sharp teeth and got a good tidy up and had a few days off to get used to his new smile, he is happy with the result and finds eating apples much easier.

So this blog is based on knowing your horse and what makes him tick, with Thunder you could never just do flat work in a arena 5 days a week he would get very sour, so here you see me do some circle work with the help of my dog butch! (he is a great coach), going back three weeks ago Thunder would not be able to complete a circle due to lack of muscle however here I do not put too much pressure on him to go into a shape all I want him to do is go forward and stay balanced which he doesn’t do a bad job on, a few trotting poles to warm him up and finished off our arena work with a bit of light jumping to a max height of 80cm this bit Thunder really enjoyed!

To end the session of I usually bring him for a hack around the woods just to let him stretch out and chill out, here we went for a little canter which Thunder enjoyed so much he didn’t want to stop! My arms are still sore.

In terms of his condition and coat he has improved a lot, I used a metal shedding blade (which is not painful) to help his winter hair shed quicker! It is amazing!!

And he is half way through his course of comfort gut and continues on arthri-aid and apple cider vinegar which are all available from Equipet.

Lots of love Niamh & Thunder