Thunder is a 21 year old horse that does a bit of everything. The lovely Niamh and Thunder are sponsored by Equipet and last Summer they made it to the National Eventing championship in Tattersals and came 5th out of 70! (yay, we are so proud)

After that Thunder went on a break as he was feeling a little sore.

So now that Niamh has made the decision to bring Thunder back in she has kindly offered to keep a diary of Thunder's progress over the next few weeks and share it with us all here on the blog.

[caption id="attachment_921" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Preparation for show season last year[/caption]

So Thunder is back in and his current supplements are Arthri Aid which is unreal and really helps Thunder who has ringbone, side bone and arthritis in his hip (he is a elderly gentleman) he also gets Apple Cider Vinegar and now Comfort Gut.

Comfort gut:
First impressions are good, it is palatable to the horse and he is fussy! (but wear gloves!!) I learned the hard way after looking like I was going into battle with war paint consistent of charcoal on my face! There is no smell off it which is good, also shake before opening as the scoop is at the bottom of the tub.

The Lunge Aid I have used in the past and found great results not just in general muscle development etc but it improved Thunder's jumping immensely!! So as you can see I warm him up without the lunge aid just to let him warm up for 5-10 min, I then put the lunge aid on. In the beginning have it loose as you don't want to damage your horse, we did a mixture of walking and trotting for 15 mins which is enough in the beginning as it is hard you can see towards the end he is starting to relax across the back. And when he is walking he is stretching right down which shows he used his back.

Watch Thunder in action here

So first day was a success!! Fingers crossed it's onwards and upwards.