Equipet and Red Mills Leader have teamed up to lead your pet to a healthier lifestyle and are launching their Healthy Pet Programme instore and online. The healthy pet programme is a 10 week health and nutrition programme, the main focus of which is to improve your pet’s diet and teach good food practices.

We are what we eat!

As a nation we are extremely conscious of the food choices we make and are very aware of the impact the food we eat has on our body, mind and waistline. Can we say the same for the food we feed our pets? Feeding a poor quality diet can cause serious health problems for your pet and while your pet will happily eat the food offered it doesn’t mean that they are thriving. A healthy pet requires a tailored diet for healthy development.

Poor quality, supermarket pet foods are made from cheap protein sources and contain carbohydrate fillers. They bulk up the feed but have no contribution to your dog’s nutritional needs and are passed as waste. These fillers are putting a huge strain on your pet’s digestive system, which in turn leads to a variety of digestive complaints.

Leader Pet food is developed by vets and the ingredients have been carefully selected to provide excellent digestibility and nutrition. The hypo-allergenic recipe will aid digestion and digestive issues which means less poo and smelly flatulence!

[caption id="attachment_875" align="aligncenter" width="2400"]not-healthy-pet-food Supermarket pet foods contain cheap protein sources and contain carbohydrate fillers which can lead to serious digestive issues for your pet[/caption]

What price would you place on your pet’s health?

Many pet owners assume that feeding a premium diet is expensive and therefore choose to feed a supermarket brand. However, when you look at the price of your pet’s overall health, you will find that feeding a premium food can, in fact save you money.

Premium pet food is designed specifically for your pet’s needs and therefore you will feed less than you currently do. For example, an average breed dog, weighing between 10-15kg on Leader Adult food requires 175 – 255g daily, whereas when feeding a well-known supermarket brand the same size dog would require 190-380g of food daily. Using these averages, a 15kg bag of Leader Adult food would last approx. 75 days compared to the supermarket brand lasting only 52. Over a year that is saving you up to €116.52.

Feeding premium food could also save you money long term on vet’s bills. By feeding a higher quality food you decrease the chances of your pet developing skin problems, skeletal dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems or oral health issues and in turn decrease the amount of visits to the vet.

[caption id="attachment_862" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]save-money-feeding-healthy-pet-food Many think that premium dog food costs more but by feeding less and reducing vets bills you can actually save money![/caption]


Time is of the essence

We understand in our busy lives that being able to purchase pet food while doing your weekly shop is convenient, so we aim to make your trip to Equipet worthwhile. Our in-store food advisers are fully trained in nutrition and are on hand to answer any questions you may have about diet, weight, condition and even stools. We have heard and seen it all, nothing can scare us! Your pet is welcome instore and we love getting a chance to see familiar faces. We open 7 days a week with late night openings on Thursday & Friday. Alternatively, you can purchase your pet food online and we will deliver it straight to your home or workplace.

By investing this small amount of time into your pet’s nutrition you could add years onto the time you will spend together.

Sign up to the Healthy Pet Programme

If you are ready to make a change to your pet’s health and would like to be in with a chance to win a year’s supply of Red Mills Leader pet food call in to your local Equipet store and register for our Healthy Pet Programme or sign up online here.

One of our Nutrition experts will recommend a feeding plan and you will receive a registration pack on the day with a sample of Leader food to get you started. We will also throw in some money off vouchers and lots of other treats. Continue to check in at your local Equipet store every two weeks where you will receive general health care tips and free treats. Once you and your pet have completed the 10 week programme you will be automatically entered into a draw for one year’s free supply of Red Mills pet food.