The best cared for and cleanest dogs (and homes!) are open to a flea infestation so this is not an issue to be embarrassed about, the important thing to do is minimise the spread and use a flea treatment on your pet and home immediatly once you become aware of the fleas.

Many would assume that scratching is the main symptom of fleas in your pet but there are some other tell-tale signs that will help you to identify a flea attack.

Red bumps or pimples are common in areas like his belly, under the legs, at the base of his tail and rump. Another sign that your pet has fleas is unexplained bites on your own skin.

You can regularly check your pet for fleas by using a flea comb, you will notice when the coat is divided fleas will quickly try and hide and can be seen jumping on the skin. The flea comb will also work to remove any dead fleas from your pet’s coat. When bathing your pet pop in the plug to catch the water coming off your pet, if you notice little black spots it is likely your dog has fleas.


Help, my pet has fleas! I need a flea treatment.

If you have discovered fleas on your pet you must act fast to treat him and your home.

Immediately apply a spot on flea treatment, Fleatix differs than other flea treatment products on the market as the waterproof formula allows you to wash your dog after 48 hours without affecting the treatment. The active ingredient in Fleatix disrupts the insects central nervous system and causes them to die, treating fleas for up to eight weeks. You can actively prevent fleas by regularly applying Fleatix, each treatment prevents against fleas and ticks for up to 5 weeks. Please always follow the correct dosage instructions for Fleatix as it is possible to overdose the product which can have fatal consequences.

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Once you have allowed the spot on flea treatment to absorb into your pet's natural oils under his coat you can consider bathing him using a flea shampoo, this is not necessary to kill the fleas as the Fleatix will work to kill fleas and their eggs but it will help loosen the dead fleas from his coat and also soothe your dog's skin. Animology Flea and Tick is safe to use on puppies and adult dogs and is suitable on all coat types. This shampoo is effective in killing fleas and their eggs without causing any further skin irritation. Unlike most medicated shampoos Animology is also effective at solving matting problems and leaves a fresh scent and luster on the coat.

Once you have treated your pet for fleas it is time to tackle his (and your!) living space. Start by washing your pet's bedding, remember it is not just the cover that the fleas can hide in so make sure to wash the inners also. You may feel more comfortable with throwing out bedding and replacing them. Wash all your pet's toys and other belongings in hot water to kill flea eggs.

What flea treatment is available to treat my home?

It is important to treat any area in your home that your dog may have been in contact with and a really effective way of doing this is with Johnsons Veterinary Extra guard Household Flea Spray , this spray treatment is a fast and effective way of killing fleas and eggs in your home. Use the spray on carpets, soft furnishings and non-porous surfaces and it will protect against eggs hatching for up to 6 months. Once treated areas are completely dry you should then hoover all floors paying special attention to cracks and corners, it is important to then remove the hoover bag or wash the cylinder with hot water to ensure no eggs can hatch in the hoover.

Flea infestations are more common in warmer months as fleas tend to die off in the Winter. Use the colder months to set up a flea prevention programme, start a flea schedule and stick to it to ensure your pet remains flea free.