Did you know that over 50% of the dog population in Ireland are mini dogs?

Royal Canin are exploring and celebrating the world of Mini dog breeds and we are joining them!

Mini inforgraph

A mini breed dog is classed by top food producers Royal Canin as a dog who weighs no more than 10kg at adult weight. Due to their petite size, mini dogs have specific nutritional needs to help keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible. When choosing a diet for your mini dog there are several factors that you must consider. A mini specific dog food will contain a regulated level of energy, ideal for helping your mini dog keep up on walks, remember for every one step you take your mini dog takes eight! However it is important that this energy is balanced as many mini dogs live a sedentary lifestyle and won’t have the opportunity to burn off the excess energy. It is important not to over-spoil a mini dog with treats or table scraps. Unhealthy habits like feeding your mini dog left overs can lead to weight gain.

A sedentary lifestyle also can affect your dog’s digestive and urinary health, Royal Canin Mini foods contain ultra-digestible proteins and psyllium for better transit and stool quality, and probiotics for balanced intestinal flora.

Size is everything when feeding your dog
The kibble in Royal Canin mini dog food is formulated to be an optimal size, shape and texture for a smaller jaw. This makes the kibble easier to pick up and more appealing to your mini dog and also encourages crunching which supports oral hygiene and the digestibility of the food. Small dogs frequently suffer from oral hygiene issues so Royal Canin have designed their kibble to gently brush the teeth while your dog chews and it also contains a special ingredient which removes the traces of calcium, which if left to build up can cause tartar. Good oral hygiene will not only eliminate stinky dog breath but will also prevent gum disease which can be extremely painful for your dog and lead to tooth loss.

Your mini puppy has short and intense growth spurts and by around 10 months will be considered an adult. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the correct food for your mini dog as it is essential that they get all the nutrients they need. During this growth period is when training and socialisation takes place, giving your mini dog the life skills to become well adapted with people and other dogs. Mini dogs tend to have a much larger personality than their small stature so it is important they receive the same training as any other dog.

There is so much to love about a small or mini breed dog and they will fill your heart with canine love as much as a larger breed. Mini breed dogs are playful, loving and loyal and make a perfect companion.

This July & August Royal Canin want to celebrate your mini dog and are offering a chance to win a year’s free food plus a 5 star mini break for you and your dog. To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize simply purchase any bag from the mini range instore and online and pick up an application form.