Last September we launched our free "Check That Chip" campaign, which was designed to correctly register pet owners onto Fido's Database. This campaign was in line with the compulsory micro-chipping program that the Department of Agriculture had announced to become common place by April 2016.

As we near the end of the month we want to remind all pet owners that it is now the law to have your dog correctly microchipped, registered onto a Government approved database like and also be in possession of a certificate to prove this.

This compulsory microchipping is of great benefit to the welfare of dogs in Ireland, it will ensure speedy reunification if your dog should get lost or stray. Lost dogs that are found by a dog warden or brought into a rescue charity or vet are scanned straight away for a chip.  In the unfortunate event of an accident the vet will be able to contact you immediately leaving no delay in administrating the potentially lifesaving treatment your dog requires. Aside from identification purposes there are other benefits of microchipping your dog. Thieves will be less likely to steal a dog that is microchipped as these dogs are harder to pass on. Use a tag or sign to display that your dog is microchipped. There is also hope that the rollout of microchips will reduce the cases of abandonment and mistreatment of dogs as the people responsible will be easily identified through the chip.

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We continue to offer a free "Check that Chip" service in all stores, where one of our team members will scan your pet and take updated owner details, these details are then checked on the Fido database. will contact any pet owner whose details do not match and arrange to update these for a minimal cost.