Why choose a retractable dog lead?

Using a Flexi retractable lead gives your dog the freedom to wander while you remain completely in control. Pet owners can extend and retract the lead, using the braking system when required, allowing you to guide and control your dog’s movements at all times.

What are the benefits of a using a retractable lead?

The Flexi Classic Dog Lead offers up to an 8 metre range, this opens up 16 metres of free run for your dog and an 8 metre circle for the more advanced retractable lead user! Both you and your dog benefit from this free space, your dog is getting more exercise than he would on a standard lead and you are given the freedom to walk behind your dog without having to stop and start with him as he walks.

Watch our Flexi Demonstration video here

What size Flexi lead does my dog need?

Before you purchase a retractable lead you must first decide what lead is best suited to your dog. There are many options within the Flexi range, covering the needs of all dogs and pet owners. The option for a tape or cord lead is dependent on the size and strength of your dog. Tape would be considered a stronger option than cord and the new range of Flexi tape leads have solved the tangle problem when retracting, making them the more popular choice.  Know your dog’s weight prior to purchase and adhere to the Flexi size guide.These products have been tested to withstand and support these weight limits.

Are they safe to use?

For safety your dog must be loose leash trained before using a Flexi, as retractable leads are not suitable for training. When moving from a standard lead to a Flexi, familiarise yourself with how the lead works prior to your first walk.  Read the enclosed safety leaflet; become comfortable with holding the lead and using the pause and braking system.

When you are ready to use your Flexi lead take the time for some practice with your dog, large fields with little distraction are ideal training grounds. The benefits of the practise sessions are they allow your dog to pull and play against the lead, you can use commands like “easy” or “slow” to warn your dog before you apply the brake and you can also master the art of reeling in the lead. Become comfortable passing the lead from one hand to another and moving your body to avoid the tape or cord wrapping around you. Injuries can occur if the lead is grasped or wound around your body. Use a shortened leash and keep your dog close until you are both comfortable, this will help avoid unnecessary injuries.

As a pet owner you have a responsibility when walking your dog and you must be extra vigilant when using a retractable lead. Failing to be aware of your dog’s surroundings can cause accidents. Always keep your dog on a short leash when close to busy streets, cyclists and other dogs as this ensures better control. Never allow your dog to turn a corner ahead or behind when on a longer leash.

The Flexi Range

The Vario range is the stylish new addition to the Flexi Dog Lead family and includes some great new features. The handle adjustment system allows users to resize the holding handle of the lead to accommodate larger or smaller hands and the soft stop braking system reduces the impact of braking on the pet owner and dog. Additional products are available to fully customise your Flexi Vario Lead, the Duo Coupler Lead allows you to walk two smaller dogs at once and features reflective components for extra safety. There are also new safety accessories like the LED lighting system with a front and back light ensuring high visibility in darker conditions.

Offering comfort, control and safety to you and your dog it’s easy to see why Flexi retractable Leads are a popular choice with pet owners and pets alike.