1. The Equipet Christmas Gift Guide!

    The Equipet Christmas Gift Guide!
    Michael Bublé is on the radio, your neighbour’s decorations are up and visible from the ISS in orbit over Earth, and your kids have gone stark raving mad for something called Fortnite... Christmas has officially arrived. While many of us will be busy acquiring gifts for our family members, friends and loved ones, please don’t forget about the ones that... read more
  2. Winter Visibility and Safety: Walking Your Dog

    Winter Visibility and Safety: Walking Your Dog
      It's Winter and I’m sure we’ve all noticed by now that the evenings are getting darker, especially those of us who work nine to five, are in college or in school. At 5:30 p.m it might as well be the middle of the night! This can make walking your dog even more of a challenge than it may already... read more
  3. Halloween: Protecting our Animal Companions

    Halloween: Protecting our Animal Companions
    Crimson is the moon that hangs low in the sky. Black are the leaves which fall in the rising wind. Green is the froth that boils over in the Witch’s pot.   Halloween is upon us, once again.   Halloween is normally a fun and exciting time of year. Though for pets, it can be very frightening, least we not... read more
  4. October 1st - 7th: National Walk Your Dog Week!

    October 1st - 7th: National Walk Your Dog Week!
    Long time no see, Pet-Pals! Have you seen our new snazzy website yet? If you're reading this then I assume you have. One of my favourite changes to our new home page is the amount of room my (used-to-be) little blog gets! Three whole tiles of our most recent posts, available to be read at your leisure. Hm? Oh right... read more
  5. Colouring Competition Winners!

    I'm pleased to report that our judges have vanished, off on their annual leave after having to arbitrate the hardest colouring competition we've ever held! The level of quality from all entrants was astounding and it came as no surprise to us when our judges were left unable to decide! But alas, as famously spoken in Highlander, there can be only... read more
  6. International Helmet Awareness: August 18th and 19th

    We are proud to once again support International Helmet Awareness Day, which takes place on August 18th & 19th this year.   Organised and hosted by Riders4Helmets, the aim of International Helmet Awareness Day is to educate equestrians on the basic facts of wearing a helmet, to promote helmet wearing on an International level and to provide important links and resources... read more
  7. Celebrating 10 Years: Equipet Drogheda

    2008! The year the stocks in Wall Street fell, the year Obama rose to prominence and became president, the year Breaking Bad first hit telly and the year Coldplay released Viva la Vida (The one with the violin...). But most importantly, 2008 was the year that Equipet Drogheda first opened its doors to the public and quickly became Louth's favourite place to... read more
  8. Go Native - Red Mills' Home Grown Hero

    Go Native - Red Mills' Home Grown Hero
      I’m sure by now that you’ve all seen this new dog food floating around on our website or on others. You may be asking yourself what is Go Native? Why should I buy it? Is it right for me? Amongst many other questions, we have decided to take the time to briefly educate you on why this new food... read more
  9. Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador!

    Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador!
    We are delighted to announce our partnership with a young and talented rider who will be acting as our new Brand Ambassador! Niamh Grimes Dooley will be representing Equipet at multiple events across the country as she competes in the world of everything equestrian and Show Jumping. To celebrate this huge occasion for both of us, we've been busy asking Niamh... read more
  10. Travelling with your Pet: A Simple Guide

    Travelling with your Pet: A Simple Guide
    Travelling with your pet means that you can explore the world together, but it's very important to make sure your pet is safe and secure in the car and that he is enjoying himself! An improperly restrained dog is a huge liability in a collision and can cause serious injury to both him and passengers. Irish Law states; "No person... read more

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