• Aug 13International Helmet Awareness: August 18th and 19th

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    We are proud to once again support International Helmet Awareness Day, which takes place on August 18th & 19th this year.   Organised and hosted by Riders4Helmets, the aim of International Helmet Awareness Day is to educate equestrians on the basic facts of wearing a helmet, to promote helmet wearing on an International level and to provide important links and resources to enable riders to become further educated on the importance of wearing a helmet.   Why should you wear a riding helmet?   A leading neurosurgeon from Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennesee claims horseback riding is the number one cause of head injuries above any other sport. For that reason, all riders should wear a riding helmet whenever they partake in equestrian activities.   A recent survey conducted by Riders4Helmets showed that one of the main reasons that riders aren’t wearing a helmet when riding is that they think they are so experienced that they don’t need a helmet. Experi ... Read More

  • Aug 08Celebrating 10 Years: Equipet Drogheda

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    2008! The year the stocks in Wall Street fell, the year Obama rose to prominence and became president, the year Breaking Bad first hit telly and the year Coldplay released Viva la Vida (The one with the violin...). But most importantly, 2008 was the year that Equipet Drogheda first opened its doors to the public and quickly became Louth's favourite place to get all your pets' needs! So, it is with great pleasure and much jubilation that I now invite you to join us in celebrating Equipet Drogheda's 10th Birthday on the 18th of August!   To properly celebrate this momentous occasion, we will be having 20% off on almost everything in-store for one day only. That means 20% off food, treats, clothes, beds, horse rugs, everything! But this is only available until the close of business on Saturday and only in Drogheda! So get down early and make the most of the best in-store sale so far this year! We promise you won't be disappointed as there is something for everyone! T&C's apply ... Read More

  • Aug 03Go Native - Red Mills' Home Grown Hero

    Posted By Aidan Carney

      I’m sure by now that you’ve all seen this new dog food floating around on our website or on others. You may be asking yourself what is Go Native? Why should I buy it? Is it right for me? Amongst many other questions, we have decided to take the time to briefly educate you on why this new food is something worth talking about! Without further ado, let’s jump straight in!   What is Go Native?:   Go Native is a super premium and grain-free dog food that is suitable for all breeds and all life stages. It is made by Connollys’ Red Mills who also make Leader and Engage, two of our most popular feeds. Red Mills are based in Goresbridge Co. Kilkenny where Go Native is produced in their state-of-the-art kitchens.   “All our fish and fowl are fully traceable and sourced from trusted, sustainable, ethical farms and fisheries. Only organic Atlantic Irish salmon and herring and naturally fed duck and free-run chickens make it into our Go Native range.” - The Go Nat ... Read More

  • Jul 04Introducing Our New Brand Ambassador!

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    We are delighted to announce our partnership with a young and talented rider who will be acting as our new Brand Ambassador! Niamh Grimes Dooley will be representing Equipet at multiple events across the country as she competes in the world of everything equestrian and Show Jumping. To celebrate this huge occasion for both of us, we've been busy asking Niamh a menagerie of questions regarding her equestrian career so far and even her ambitions for the future. Also included is a schedule of the events which you will be able to see Niamh compete in and where you can show your support for Niamh on social media! Without further ado, lets 'jump' right in!   Niamh, how long have you been riding?   "I started riding in March of 2005, so I have been riding for 13 years now."   And when did you first discover your love for horses?   "My earliest memory of getting into riding was when I was at a circus and I rode a donkey, that’s when I thought it would be a great idea to ... Read More

  • Jun 19Travelling with your Pet: A Simple Guide

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    Travelling with your pet means that you can explore the world together, but it's very important to make sure your pet is safe and secure in the car and that he is enjoying himself! An improperly restrained dog is a huge liability in a collision and can cause serious injury to both him and passengers. Irish Law states; "No person shall transport any animal in a way which causes, or is likely to cause injury or unnecessary suffering to that animal", and the Gardai have the right to pull over and fine a driver who does not have their dog appropriately secured. The other thing is travel sickness and anxiety; which can be a huge issue for dogs who are not used to the car! To this end, we have compiled a list of helpful products for keeping your best friend safe in the car and making sure he’s comfortable for the entire journey! Let’s crack on!   Car Restraints and Belts:   The COA Clix Car Harness: This product is made from the same materials as normal car seatbelts and is man ... Read More

  • May 31Equipet Coolock and Village Vets: Pet Fun Day June 9th 2018

    Posted By Aidan Carney

      Have you taken your pet to the Vets recently? Do you know exactly what your dog needs in his diet? Has your pet got what it takes to be the next Urban Pup model? If you answered no to any of those questions, now is the perfect excuse to finally say yes and come and visit Equipet Coolock and Village Vets on Saturday the 9th of June in the Coolock Retail Park! We will be hosting a Pet Fun Day, jam-packed with excitement!   Get your pet’s health checked for free in Village Vets, including the following: Nail trimmings, weight checking, teeth checking and ear cleaning! This free and easy check-up will ensure that your pet is in the best shape he or she could be in while also informing you of any potential needs or maladies that your pet may have. It is vital that your pet is checked regularly and the expertly qualified Vets and Nurses at Village Vets are the best people for the job. Now is the ideal time to begin a routine for your pet! If that wasn’t good enough, every pe ... Read More

  • Apr 27Supporting BETA Safety Week 2018

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    With more people taking up horse riding every day, it has become increasingly pertinent to inform people of the potential dangers of horse riding and how you can protect yourself from a fall. To better inform people, we have teamed up with the British Equestrian Trade Association this year and we announce our partnership in the BETA Safety Week! The BETA Safety Week is an event aimed to teach riders, both young and old, about the proactive steps they can take to protect themselves from the potential dangers of horse riding. Without further ado, let's get down to brass tacks.     The Importance of Buying New for your Child It is never a good idea to purchase, borrow or pass on a second-hand hat even if you know its full history. Used hats form to each individuals head shape and will not protect someone else to the best of its ability. Helmets lose their integrity through years of use and this means, by the time it is passed on to a younger member of the family, it may be no ... Read More

  • Apr 24Our Littlest Friends - The Gerbil

    Posted By Aidan Carney

      Aren’t they just adorable? The Gerbil is a small, furry, desert-dwelling mammal that is normally confused with mice or similar species of rodent. Gerbils are awfully curious and have a knack for forming great bonds with their human owners, even more so than rabbits or guinea pigs! Gerbils are a fairly inexpensive pet to care for too, but where do you start? What are a Gerbils needs? What do they eat? Do they prefer Metallica or Megadeth? These are the important questions that you need to ask yourself before you make the commitment to owning one! Without further delay, allow me to help you decide if a Gerbil is right for you!     What exactly does a Gerbil need? Like every animal on Earth, Gerbils require a food, a water source, appropriate bedding and a way to stimulate their mind. Unlike most animals on Earth, however, Gerbils require a home which caters to their prey animal needs. In the wild, Gerbils naturally dig tunnels in order to hide from predators, shield th ... Read More

  • Apr 09Suffering the Loss of a Beloved Pet

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    Normally our blog posts are quite jovial in nature. However there are two sides to owning and caring for a pet, and unfortunately one of them is loss, and loss can take a serious toll on us and our families. Whether it is a dog or cat, rabbit or hamster, parrot or horse or even a fish; suffering the loss of a pet is a process of grief and hardship, because they so easily become part of the family.   I remember my first ever pet, back when I was only a young man. Bagpuss (named after the haggard looking pink and white cat from children’s TV). Bagpuss was found by my Grandmother and me when I was very young and when he was only a kitten. I begged and begged and begged my Mother to let us keep him, though I always suspected there was a little bit of persuasion coming from my Grandmother in my favour. It wasn’t long before she gave up and relented; we were now the proud owners of a black and white cat who had more in common with a shag rug than an animal. After giving him a brief ... Read More

  • Feb 207 Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    Now that ‘Show Your Significant Other That You Love Them’ day is over, we can move on to the really important one! Love Your Pet Day is a celebration of all things furry, four-legged, or wet and slimy! Whatever pet you’ve chosen to be your animal companion, today is about showing them some love and appreciation. Here are the top seven ways to show some love to your animals today:   #7. Buy Them Their Favourite Treat:   More of a cop-out than anything else, there are so many better ways of showing your animal companion some love and appreciation, however, time is often a luxury for many of us working full-time. Buying your pet their favourite treat is still showing some love! Perhaps even a new toy too would sweeten the deal just that little bit more and (hopefully) prevent any drama between you and your friend… Of course, your pets probably won’t even know why they’re getting treated, but the main thing is that they’re happy! It’s the thought that counts after ... Read More

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