• Oct 18Dog Health: Fleas, Worms and Dog Shampoos

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    Over the course of your dog’s life, his body is going to be put under stress, become injured, be subjected to diseases and illnesses, and go through the same wear and tear that us humans go through. Though just like in us humans; supplements and vitamins exist to help your dog stay healthy, happy and strong! Here in Equipet, we stock a wide range of vitamins, supplements, wormers, minerals and dog hygiene tools that will help keep your canine companion in top form! Without further ado, let’s go through some of those Dog Health products now!   Dog Flea Removal:   Removing fleas is an important part of owning and caring for a dog and his health. With Winter approaching, many of you may be thinking that fleas and ticks will be dying off because of the cold weather, when in fact the opposite is true! While the fleas and ticks will die, the warmth of your home is the perfect nesting ground for their eggs and offspring, lying in wait until the heating turns on and then infestin ... Read More

  • Oct 11Experiences From Owning a Rabbit

    Posted By Aidan Carney

      Recently, one of our staff had purchased a rabbit from our Drogheda store. A little grey and white fluffy thing, no larger than the palm of your hand, left us and went off on an adventure with his new owner. This is their heartwarming (and hilarious) story so far:   "I remember driving up in the car and thinking to myself 'I really hope he's still there...', having picked him out from 4 potential candidates during the week. Eventually we did arrive at the M1 Retail Park (myself and my partner) and we entered the Drogheda store and headed straight for the rabbit pens. He was indeed still there; this tiny fluffy ball of white and grey. Even when he was that small he had a little grey mohawk that flopped between his ears when he hopped around. Aimee, the manager at Drogheda, came straight over to us and went through all of the necessary details about owning a rabbit; telling us about the cage, the food, the hay (rabbits primarily eat hay), the water and the treats he would n ... Read More

  • Sep 28Dog Treats: All You Need To Know

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    With Christmas becoming ever nearer, you may be thinking that now is the perfect time to purchase a treat or even a toy for your faithful canine companion. ... Read More

  • Sep 27Cara Rescue Dogs Appeal for Help

    Posted By Anne Clarke

        10 puppies were found abandoned in cardboard boxes in Monasterevan, Kildare yesterday. The puppies are now in the care of Cara Rescue Dogs who have launched an appeal for help during this difficult time.     The cardboard boxes in which the 10 pups were found     Posting on their Facebook page yesterday, Cara Rescue said "10 Pups abandoned in cardboard boxes in Monasterevan Co Kildare. All 10 now safe in our care but the pressure we are under is colossal both financial(ly) and physically. Does anyone have any information about these pups, if so please contact us on 0860594375 in confidence."     Some of the pups that were abandoned and rescued by Cara Rescue Dogs     Cara have also appealed out for help with the vet bills  "If anyone can help our vet bill please PayPal caradogs@hotmail.com or text cara to 50300 If you'd like to become a cara foster please email us for a foster application form. We are just so exhausted folks... our hear ... Read More

  • Sep 13International Helmet Awareness Day 2017

    Posted By Anne Clarke

    Equipet are proud to once again support International Helmet Awareness Day, which takes place on September 16 & 17th this year. &nbsp &nbsp Organised and hosted by Riders4Helmets, the aim of International Helmet Awareness Day is to educate equestrians on the basic facts of wearing a helmet, to promote helmet wearing on an International level and to provide important links and resources to enable riders to become further educated on the importance of wearing a helmet. &nbsp Why should you wear a riding helmet? &nbsp A leading neurosurgeon from Vanderbilt University claims horseback riding is the number one cause of head injuries above any other sport. For that reason, all riders should wear a riding helmet whenever they partake in equestrian activities. A recent survey conducted by Riders4Helmets showed that one of the main reasons that riders aren’t wearing a helmet when riding is that they think they are so experienced that they don’t need a helmet. Experienced ... Read More

  • Sep 05Seven frequently asked questions about dog toys

    Posted By Aidan Carney

    At Equipet, we get mountains of questions and requests from all of you about the dog toys we sell: What size is right for my dog? How durable is this dog toy? What is this dog toy made of? Does it come in pink? After much discussion with our highly trained pet experts, we’ve come up with a list of seven of your most frequently asked questions; to help make sure that you’re picking the right toy for your best friend. We take great pride in making sure that your pet has exactly what is right for them and nothing makes us happier than knowing you’re going home with the best quality products for your pet pooch! Continue reading → ... Read More

  • Aug 28Size matters: How to choose a pet for your home

    Posted By Anne Clarke

    Many people who live in small homes and apartments feel that having pets in that environment isn’t an option. They feel that they simply can’t keep pets due to lack space, lack of a garden and even lack of time. If you don’t have a garden or easy access to a grassy area it may not be ideal to keep a dog, however, there are many other options you might want to consider.  It is possible to keep pets in small homes, it’s just a case of thinking outside the box. Just remember, If you do live in an apartment make sure that your building allows animals.   So what pets can I keep in a small home? There are plenty of options, indoor cats are one of the most popular pets that people can keep in apartments but if a cat isn’t what you want there are plenty of other options. It’s a case of doing your research and finding what pet will be right for you. There are pros and cons to all types of pets so make sure to think ahead before making a final decision.     Things to consider be ... Read More

  • Jul 13Rabbit Awareness Week July 17th - 21st

    Posted By Anne Clarke

      The Rabbit's Digestive System   The rabbit's digestive tract is adapted to digest a large amount of fibre. They need two kinds of fibre in their diet; digestible and indigestible, together we call this ‘beneficial fibre’. The first gives them essential nutrients and the second keeps their digestive system moving effectively. Indigestible fibre passes through their digestive system and is excreted as separate, round, hard droppings. This process keeps the digestive system moving and stimulates their appetite.   Digestible fibre is moved up into an organ called the caecum - this is like a giant appendix. Good bacteria in the caecum ferments the fibre which then emerges in the form of clumps of sticky droppings called caecotrophs.   Rabbits then re-ingest the caecotrophs directly from their bottoms and their systems extract essential nutrition as the digestible fibre passes through the stomach and intestines for the second time. Rabbits will eat the caecotrophs direc ... Read More

  • Jun 27Anxious Dogs–Combating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

    Posted By Anne Clarke

      As we approach the Summer, our calendar begins to fill with days out, trips and Summer holidays, these plans will not always include our pets and you may notice that these periods of absence can trigger separation anxiety in your normally well-behaved dog.   What is separation anxiety in dogs? Separation anxiety is disruptive or destructive behaviour when your dog is left alone. It is important not to mistake these actions as behavioural problems. The main indication that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety is physically displaying signs of anxiety as you prepare to leave him. Separation anxiety is triggered when your dog is separated from the people they are attached to (you and your family) for a period of time.   Separation Anxiety can cause your dog to display negative behaviours           Changes in owner or circumstances can induce anxiety in a dog so if you recently fostered or adopted a dog he may display these symptoms. Some dogs ma ... Read More

  • May 19Dublin Zoo welcome a new arrival!

    Posted By Anne Clarke

    This week Dublin Zoo proudly announced the birth of a male Asian elephant calf. Proud mum Yasmin gave birth to the healthy calf on Monday afternoon (15th May) and the calf is estimated to be 1 metre tall and weighs approximately 130kg.     Speaking about the birth, Gerry Creighton, Operations Manager at Dublin Zoo said, “The birth of an Asian elephant is an amazing spectacle and this was no exception. The arrival of the calf was greeted with celebratory trumpeting and each member of the herd, from the oldest to youngest, played a role in assisting with the birth.   “We’ve been on an incredible journey over the past three years, overseeing the birth of six elephant calves, placing Dublin Zoo as one the most successful Asian elephant breeding programmes in the world. The recent births are of huge significance for the future of the endangered Asian elephant.   “We’re very proud of the expanding herd and seeing the eleven elephants together will be a wonderful si ... Read More

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