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  1. Trixie Bio Liberator 100ml

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  2. Rope Perch 66cm/ 14mm

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  3. Red Mills Layers Pellets 20kg

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Birds are very affectionate, making them a popular pet across Ireland. Rather than cats or dogs, both of whom need a considerable amount of attention, they are easy to fit into a busy lifestyle. A happy bird doesn’t need constant affection from their human friends, bird owners get a lot of joy from watching their pets interact with bird toys and each other! If you’re looking for a pet that will bring you considerable happiness over a lifetime, these appreciative avians are ideal. Different bird species have different lifespans: finches, budgies, canaries, and lovebirds all have the potential to reach as old as 20 years, even if their average lifespan is lower. Larger feathered creatures, however, can live as long as some humans! An african grey or a macaw have been known to reach 80/90 years in the wild, while their domesticated relatives average around 40 years. When kept well and shown enough care, these pets can become lifelong companions. Against popular opinion, they aren’t difficult to keep whatsoever. These intelligent beings love to play and explore, so having toys spaced out within a cage will give them a chance to exercise between playing. They also love to groom themselves and bathe, so make sure to give them a space to do so! Just like humans, a private space to sleep and get some me-time is desired by some, but make sure to keep an eye on this. You don’t want to find out you have breeding birds after they’ve already laid eggs! Diet and housing are the most important aspects to keeping a happy bird, but with a good pet food and a large enough cage they’re easily kept under control. Ultimately, these are pets that will grow old with you and become close companions if given the chance.
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