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  1. Aqua Dreams Com-Pro Filter Media Sponges

    Special Price €2.50 Regular Price €5.00
  2. Carbon Cartridge Purus Manta 1000

    Special Price €1.50 Regular Price €3.00
  3. Aqua-Dreamscapes Biker Skull 14cm

    Special Price €10.00 Regular Price €20.00
  4. Aqua-Dreamscapes Fire Truck 14cm

    Special Price €7.00 Regular Price €14.00
  5. Aqua-Dreamscapes Dinosaur Sabre Tooth Skull 20cm

    Special Price €7.00 Regular Price €14.00
  6. Spare Air Chamber / Diaphragm F. Aqua Pump #86310

    Special Price €4.00 Regular Price €8.00
  7. Spare Air Chamber / Diaphragm F. Aqua Pump #86300

    Special Price €2.50 Regular Price €5.00
  8. Aquadreams Tango Tropical Aquarium 60ltr

    This item can only be picked up in-store 
    Special Price €55.00 Regular Price €110.00
  9. Aquadreams Tango Cold Water Aquarium 40ltr

    This item can only be picked up in-store 
    Special Price €41.00 Regular Price €82.00
  10. Tetra Pond Food Sticks 4L Bag

    Special Price €8.50 Regular Price €17.00
  11. Cheeko On Your Bike 15cm

    Special Price €5.50 Regular Price €11.00
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At Equipet we understand that keeping your pets healthy and happy is the most important thing, and with that we introduce you to our Aquatics range! Not geared just towards the most popular fish such as goldfish, we have items for all types of aquatic creatures. From objects to decorate your tank with to brand new tanks, and a whole array of fish tank maintenance products, there's bound to be whatever you need here.

We cater towards tropical and cold water fish, both with food and tanks! We have plastic fish tanks and glass fish tanks available, as well as a huge variety in size! If you're looking for a beginner fish bowl or a 20 litre aquarium, we are here for you. Please note that our glass tanks cannot be delivered and must be collected from your nearest Equipet store. Our fish food is top quality, with brands like Tetra and Aquarian stocked both in-store and online.

Fish maintenance is something that doesn't cross the mind of a beginner fish owner, but make sure to research up on this important step! Water conditioners are used to keep the water in your tank clean, with a variety of purposes. Some aim to reduce pH levels, while others remove chlorine or metal toxins that would be found in tap water. Test kits are exactly what they say they are! Checking the levels in your tank is an easy task, but if we also offer a water test in store if you'd like to bring in a sample.

Keeping a tank well for your fish is important, but don't forget you can make the tank fun for you too! We stock lots of aquarium accessories, such as plants and ornaments. Make sure to wash your ornaments before placing into your tank, and that they're appropriate for your fish! A stuck pet is the last thing anyone wants, especially your pet. You can also purchase important things such as pumps, lights, heaters, and filters. Heaters are vital for tropical fish, and pets such as turtles will require specific lights to help with vitamin D3 production.

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